How Small Business Saturday boosts local communities

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SALT LAKE CITY — Between Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, there’s a little Saturday Shop — a chance to give local businesses the attention they deserve.

According to Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall, 92 percent of Salt Lake businesses are small, meaning they have 50 or fewer employees.

“It’s the bread and butter of who we are as a society, and it’s what drives our economy,” she said Saturday.

Mendenhall was at a small business in Sugar House, an upscale boutique called A’La Mode, to read her presentation for Small Business Saturday 2023.

Jasmine Gordon, co-owner of A’La Mode with her sister Angelique Gordon, said, “When we started online, we had a lot of customers all over the country, and it’s not like we didn’t love them — we absolutely did. But we also wanted to be a part of Salt Lake City and give back to the people who were (grocery shopping) who we were.” We want … it’s about making the community what it is.

Mendenhall’s statement cited 68 cents for every dollar spent on small businesses in the local community, emphasizing the difference small purchases make in one’s own neighborhood.

Angelique Gordon Sisters’ big help came in Women’s Business Center and Salt Lake City Downtown Alliance.

“We’re very fortunate in general that Salt Lake is a very accessible place to own your own business. The community is very supportive, small businesses are very supportive. People love local things,” said Angelique Gordon.

Emily Stevens is another Utah-local small business owner Heard a wild flower with her mother earlier this year. The two do custom lettering orders online rather than in a brick-and-mortar store.

“A lot of people go to Amazon for what they need, so I think it’s good to (bring) awareness back to small businesses. There’s a lot of cool things that people can do with their hands or run their small businesses. That’s just something you can’t get from Amazon,” Stevens said.

Stevens also argues that the profits that go to small businesses influence the owners more than the profits that go to large companies, making small business more meaningful to owners and customers.

While areas like Sugar House have recently seen a lot of construction, Mendenhall pointed out how many small business areas have stores so close together that shoppers can park in one spot and shop at different stores for hours.

A map of the Sugar House Small Business District is available at

According to the United States Small Business Administration, Small Business Saturday began in 2010. For a list of small businesses in your area, see website.

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