HSC results: Highest pass rate in science, lowest in arts

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This year’s Higher Secondary Certificate examination results showed the highest pass rate in the science section, with 87.84% students from across Bangladesh passing.

The class consisted of 128,222 male and 127,005 female students. Among them, 112,103 and 112,085 students of H.Sc. You passed the test in sequence.

On the other hand, 70.79% students passed in art section which is the lowest among the three sections.

This class consisted of 281,471 male and 361,659 female students, of which 184,849 and 270,420 passed respectively.

Meanwhile, the business class saw a 77% pass rate.

The class consisted of 119,735 male students and 94,280 female students, out of which 89,041 and 75,761 students passed respectively.

The results of the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations 2023 were published on Sunday.

Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni handed over the result summary to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at his official residence in Ganababan on Sunday at 10 am.

A total of 1,374,488 students appeared for HSC and similar exams this year from August 17 to September 25.

Of these, 698,135 are males and 676,353 are females.

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