Hydroponic Garden at Huffaker Elementary gets Students Excited about Science

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Little hands took tender sprouts from plastic containers to a commercial-grade hydroponic garden at Huffaker Elementary School Monday morning.

“So ‘hydro’ means water and ‘ponics’ means plants, so they’re growing plants in water and dirt, soil,” fifth-grader Vivienne Khan explained to 2 News, a few minutes after she moved a row of lettuce through the sprouts. The new house in the garden.

She is one of many students who volunteer their lunch break once a week to tend the indoor garden.

“It’s a really easy and fun way to get kids excited about science,” hydroponics club teacher Morgan Manley said later, adding, “They’ve become much better problem solvers. When they come in here and the pump isn’t working or the lights are flickering, they’re hands on. … It’s good because I’m back, and they learn by knowing you.”

Huffaker isn’t the only school in Nevada to get a hydroponics setup. Thanks to state and federal funding, all public, private and charter schools in the state have access to the program for free or at a reduced cost.

Manley hopes to get the younger generation excited about healthy food and science.

She said, “Who knows, when they get to college, we might encourage them to say, ‘Oh, I’m going to learn this. I did this in elementary school, and I love it.’

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