India investigating attempt on Pannun’s life: Indian envoy to Canada

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India is probing the secession case for Justice Gurpatwant Pannu, the life of the secessionist’s general counsel, as the United States has provided “legally admissible” resources, even though the allegations in the Khalistani separatist killings are not the same. Hardeep Singh Nijar in Canada on June 18, said Indian High Commissioner in Ottawa Sanjay Kumar Verma.

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In an interview with CTV News Network that aired on Sunday, Verma said, “If you see the recent incident where some allegations were made in one of the newspapers in India, the US provided us with resources. We have started monitoring this,” he said.

Asked by host Vasi Kapelos whether Canada’s National Security and Intelligence Adviser Jody Thomas had not provided actionable information to India during his nine-day visit to New Delhi in August and September, Verma said: “Discussions can have allegations, discussions can have. I have some facts of the case, but the allegations and facts do not make the case distinct and relevant.

Verma said the Indian government wants “specific and relevant” information to go back to our legal authorities to seek permission to conduct the investigation we want to do. Therefore, until such resources are available, we cannot move forward with the investigation in a country with the rule of law.

Referring to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement in the House of Commons on September 18 that there were “credible allegations” of a possible link between Indian agents and Nijar’s killing, he said, “Even if we call it a credible allegation, that’s a choice of words but it’s an allegation.” So I stand by the Government of India and assure you and your viewers that there was no government hand in the shooting of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil.

However, Canada has argued that India’s request to “cooperate” in the investigation “dooms India without an investigation.”

“Is this the rule of law?” He asked and said: “If you look at the common criminal terminology, when someone asks us to cooperate, it means that you have already been convicted and you better cooperate.” So we took it with a different interpretation.

He also said that “a major issue” is that “some Canadian citizens are using Canadian land to attack sovereignty and territorial integrity, which is against any international law.” He pointed out that such action violates Article 2.4 of the United Nations and said, “No country shall allow its oil to be used to attack the sovereignty and integrity or territorial integrity of other countries.”

Also, the pro-Khalistan elements in Canada were not considered terrorists in India because they “collect their money in Canada and send it to gangs and gangsters in India who are doing illegal activities in India.” “

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