Israel-Hamas extend truce for two more days, release more prisoners

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Image source: AP Israel-Hamas extended the truce for two more days, releasing more prisoners

Israel and Hamas on Monday extended their ceasefire for two days, ending the region’s deadliest fighting in recent years. The announcement was made by Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majid Al Ansari in a statement posted on X on the day the first four-day ceasefire between the warring parties was concluded. According to the agreement, the fourth release of hostages is expected after Monday.

Along with the United States and Egypt, Qatar has been a key mediator in the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Israel said it would extend the ceasefire by one day for 10 more freed hostages. After Qatar’s announcement, Hamas confirmed it had agreed to a two-day extension ‘on the same terms’.

But Israel says it is committed to crushing Hamas’ military capabilities and ending its 16-year rule over Gaza after its Oct. 7 attack on southern Israel. That could mean expanding ground offensives from devastated northern Gaza to the south, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are crammed into UN shelters and conditions are dire despite increased aid supplies during the war.

If Hamas does not agree to release more hostages, Israel will continue its operation with full force, government spokesman Eilon Levy told reporters on Monday. .

So far, 58 hostages have been released, including 39 Israelis. Four hostages were released before the truce, one was rescued and two were found dead in Gaza. In the weeks-long national crisis over the nearly 240 people kidnapped by Hamas and other militants, scenes of women and children being reunited with their families prompted calls for Israel to return the captives.

“We can bring all the hostages back home. We have to keep pushing,” relatives of Abigail Edan, a 4-year-old girl and dual Israeli-American citizen, said in a statement Sunday. Hamas and other militants may still hold up to 175 hostages, allowing the ceasefire to be extended by two and a half weeks. But those include many soldiers, and the militants are likely to make many demands for their release.

Israel’s Netanyahu exposes Elon Musk’s war crimes.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has revealed the crimes committed by extremists Hamas in his murderous war against tech entrepreneur Elon Musk. Musk, wearing a protective vest and surrounded by a phalanx of security men in the pouring rain, used his phone to take photos or video of the devastation, a video released by Netanyahu’s office shows.

“It was a shame to see the scene of the carnage,” Musk later said in an X-Space chat with Netanyahu. Musk said that the Prime Minister was troubled by the videos and photos that showed civilians being killed, including children.

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