Israel-Hamas Truce In Gaza Extended By 2 Days: Mediator Qatar

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Doha, Qatar:

A humanitarian truce between Israel and Hamas will be extended by two days, mediator Qatar said on Monday, ending four days of talks in Gaza.

Qatari Foreign Ministry Spokesman Majid Al Ansari previously tweeted, “The State of Qatar has announced that it has reached an agreement to extend the humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip for two more days, as mediation continues.”

During the humanitarian pause and weeks before, Qatar had been engaged in intense negotiations with the support of the United States and Egypt to establish and extend the ceasefire agreement on Gaza, which the mediators said was intended to expand and expand. .

A total of 50 civilian hostages, women and children, are expected to be released by Hamas during the initial reconciliation process.

Instead, 150 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel were released and humanitarian aid was allowed to enter Gaza.

In the first three days, according to the agreement of the two sides, 117 Palestinian prisoners who were held hostage by 39 Israelis were released from Israeli prisons.

Seventeen Thais, one Filipino and one dual Russian-Israeli national were released by the Palestinian Authority as a result of parallel negotiations by the Gulf state.

The reported toll is the largest since October 7 when Hamas militants crossed the Gaza military border and carried out the deadliest attack in Israel’s history.

Israel said 1,200 people were killed in the attack, mostly civilians, and about 240 were taken hostage, including the elderly and children.

In response, Israel launched a relentless bombing and ground offensive against the Hamas government in Gaza, which it says has killed 15,000 people and thousands of children.

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