Israeli Siblings Released By Hamas Learn Their Mother Had Been Murdered

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They were imprisoned in a house during their occupation in Gaza.

The teenage brothers who spent 50 days in Gaza with the hope of being reunited with their mother were shattered when they learned that their mother had been killed in an attack by Israel on October 7.

Noam Orr, 17, and his 13-year-old sister Alma were released together on Saturday as part of a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas. According to CNN, the siblings were forcibly separated from their parents and kidnapped by Hamas. During their captivity in Gaza, they shared a room with another woman from their kibbutz, according to Besorai, who has roots in Beyri.

When they were released from prison on Saturday, they were told the sad news of their mother’s death. “This dream has been shattered because of her murder,” said Ahal Besoray, uncle of the sisters’ mother. CNN.

“My sister’s mother was killed on October 7. The children did not know this,” he told the media. We thought they were together when they were kidnapped, but they were separated from the beginning.

“When they first crossed the border and met their grandfather and older brother, the first news was that their mother was not alive. And it was a very emotional and traumatic time for them,” Mr Besoray said. Added.

The sisters’ father, Dror, is believed to be still in captivity in the Gaza Strip.

“There were a lot of tears, a lot of pain,” Mr. Besoray said in a separate interview. The guard.

The youths were handcuffed, blindfolded and eventually handed over to the Red Cross.

“They tried to hide from the woman behind him, all by herself – maybe [that] It put some psychological pressure on her,” said Mr Besorai.

Mr Besoray declined to detail the experience, but said: “It was not pleasant to say the least. It was horrible.”

Despite their suffering, Noam expressed sympathy for the Gazans who faced them when they were released.

Now free, the siblings are focusing on recovery after losing weight during captivity.

However, concerns remain about the long-term impact of traumatic experiences on their well-being.

“The first time I spoke to them, my 13-year-old niece Alma had this huge smile and sparkling eyes when she came up to the zoom call,” Besoray said.

“And this is what is stuck in my head – what is behind these shining eyes? What is in them after this terrible ordeal? It is very difficult for me to evaluate,” CNN reported.

Meanwhile, 11 other Israeli hostages were released Monday night — two women and nine children — as part of a four-day ceasefire with Hamas. The two women were released with their two children each. Two brothers also released two sets.

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