IT Sunday: Right and left: role reversals and new-age politics

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In the second half of the week, the national news was dominated by violence in Dublin city following the stabbing of several people, including children, in an incident in north Dublin city. Following the riots, Fintan O’Toole wrote: “The stress and anxiety run deep, and this time does not go away easily. But we’ve seen that some things run deeper, including the love that drives us to risk our lives for each other. That’s where our republic lives.”

David McWilliams is investigating this weekend. New age politicsIn many cases we are seeing that right is left and left is right. Turning his attention to Argentina’s next president, Javier ‘Chainsaw’ Milley, he said: “Milli is the most radical and colorful of all the ‘New Age’ politicians who have emerged in the last decade.” I call them ‘New Age’ politicians because we are in a new era… Whether it’s Trump or the bookies’ popularity in the White House this time next year, Wilders in Holland, Meloni in Italy or Le Pen in France, these politicians are politicians for a new era.

“They are described as right wing but the old language is not correct. They are a looser combination of options – alternatives to the status quo. Fueled by corruption or demographics and migration, sometimes culturally, sometimes economically. Some like Le Pen want a bigger and more defensive state, others like Milley and Trump want to dismantle it.

It’s Matt Williams. The start of the rugby revolutionHe even named the movement: The mission of ‘Find Your Back’ (FIBS) is to raise awareness of the unfair rules that have caught the attention of the rugby community.

“Today, the prostitutes (right-paying members of the Front Rw Union) are often the test scorers of the match. This abominable action now ends up with a huge amount of debris, which in turn has caused an explosion in the ovals created by the lines created by these penalties. From which whore point will he try. All of them have denied any involvement in the game.

Corinna Hardgraf writes about a restaurant this week – From Mirco, Cork – It was so amazing that she wanted to go back the next day. “Da Mirco feels close to my perfect restaurant: simple food, good wine, relaxed atmosphere and a very affordable price point.” Read the 4.5-star review here. Food Month continues throughout November in The Irish Times You will find features, restaurant reviews, recipes and everything related to food.

Ro McDermott, in her latest advice column, responded to a reader. Having trouble navigating the boundaries of sexuality in their relationship: “My friend brought up his concerns about not having enough sex during the week. As a victim of sexual assault, I told them it would be difficult for me. How can I deal with their concerns about sex knowing the damage I’ve done to myself?”

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