Jennifer Lawrence Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors: ‘I’m Aging’

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Jennifer Lawrence It’s shutting down any speculation on her face!

In a new conversation with Kylie Jenner b Interview magazinethe actress and The Kardashians Star talks about the magic of makeup. For Lawrence, the work of her current makeup artist, Hung Van Gogh, has been so good, she’s making people believe she’s had a little work done.

In October, when the 33-year-old star stepped out for the Dior fashion show, many on the Internet speculated about her appearance. Some suggested that her nose was sick, while others suggested that she was simply getting old and had given birth.

Lawrence saw all the chats.

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“Because I work with Hung, I think it’s amazing what makeup can do [Vanngo]Lawrence told Jenner.

“I’m like, ‘I’m not having eye surgery, I’m doing makeup,'” she added.

Jenner, who shares that she created her makeup line — so she could give up the illusion of fuller lips — makes sure she doesn’t look like she’s had any work done.

“Well, I’ve had a whole lot of plastic surgery,” Lawrence said.

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“No, I was looking at the pictures. It doesn’t look like this,” Jenner tells her before sharing how her appearance has changed over the years.

“I finally got lip fillers, but it’s the same with me,” Jenner added. “I see before and after photos. I’m 12 years old with 26 and my eyebrows are filled in different ways. I have contours. I’m like this. “How do you compare my 12-year-old face and me? ‘Has my jaw been shaved and my eyelids removed?’ ‘What are we talking about?’ I think so.

Lawrence agrees that it’s all about the aging process.

“I have the same thing,” she says. I started when I was 19. So when I’m 19 to 30 years old, I get before and after pictures and I say: I’m grown up. I lost the baby weight on my face, and my face changed about aging. . Everyone thought I had a nose, and I’m just like, ‘I had the same nose, my cheeks are getting smaller.’ Thanks for bringing it up.”

Lawrence is comfortable in her skin and looks. So much so, that she stepped down for her latest role in the comic strip, I didn’t regret it.

“I don’t know,” she told ET about filming a scene deeper than Sidama. “It didn’t really feel like a big deal to me, you just did.”

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