Jim Harbaugh, even suspended, earns $500,000 bonus for Michigan’s defeat of Ohio State

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Although Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh Serving the third game of a three-game suspension On Saturday, he will receive a bonus of 500,000 dollars The Wolverines beat Ohio State 30-24 For the Big Ten Conference Eastern Division title and a spot in the conference championship game, the contract with the school shows.

The Big Ten suspended Harbaugh for the remainder of the regular season on Nov. 10. The program’s signal-stealing scandal.

The conference called Michigan a “breach Big Ten Sportsmanship Policy For many years, it has conducted an impermissible, physical browsing operation, which has created an unfair competitive advantage that harms the integrity of competition.

Besides Saturday, Harbaugh was not allowed to attend Michigan’s games at Penn State and Maryland. But he was able to follow the practices and participate in the preparation.

He could be back on the sidelines for the conference title game next Saturday, when the No. 3-ranked Wolverines (12-0, 9-0 Big Ten) will play Iowa (10-2, 7-2) in Indianapolis. If Michigan wins that game, Harbaugh stands to receive another $1.5 million bonus — $1 million for the Big Ten championship winner and $500,000 for the team, all but assured of a spot in the College Football Playoff semifinals.

Harbaugh’s contract with Michigan states that he will receive a mandated bonus if the team reaches certain performance goals and if Harbaugh “remains employed as head coach during the applicable game.”

The agreement also states that Harbaugh “will receive and pay in full any performance payments … during the playing of a relevant game.”

The contract does not include any language requiring Harbaugh to be on the sideline for a game in which the team achieves a bonus.

“We plan to honor the terms of the contract,” Michigan athletics spokesman Kurt Svoboda said earlier this week in response to a question from USA TODAY Sports about Harbaugh’s bonuses.

Some schools’ contracts with their head coaches require the coach to actually coach the team – in a bonus game – especially when it comes to conference championship games and bowl games. For example, Houston’s contract with Dana Holgorsen specifically states that he must coach the team in the game in order to receive a bonus for participating in a conference championship game or bowl game.

Harbaugh’s agreement with Michigan states that the school must pay him a certain buyout if he is fired without cause, but “in no event shall the university be liable for any loss of base salary, additional compensation, bonus payments…”

However, if Harbaugh is fired for cause, he “will be paid any annual salary and additional compensation prior to termination.”

If Harbaugh terminates the deal, all payments will cease upon termination.[e]Any base compensation, additional compensation, group performance bonuses, except payment, but unpaid, as of the date of termination.

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