Joe Biden repeats two-state solution call amid Israeli PM Netanyahu’s ‘Hamas elimination’ plan after Gaza truce

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US President Joe Biden said he hoped the war would continue until the prisoners were released. Biden said he hoped more Americans would be freed by Hamas, although he didn’t have hard news. The President of the United States has argued for a “two-state solution” as the only way to ensure long-term security for both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

US President Joe Biden welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he visited Israel. (Reuters file)

Biden spoke to the media after Hamas released a four-year-old American girl among 17 hostages held in Gaza on Sunday, as Israel released prisoners on the third day of the peace deal. Biden said the four-year-old hostage, Abigail Edan, had been in captivity since her parents were killed by Hamas militants during the Oct. 7 raid into Israel.

“What she endured is unimaginable,” Biden said. “Two days ago, Abigail—one of our Americans—turned four years old. She spent that birthday and the last 50 days held hostage by Hamas. Today she is freed again. We will continue to work until all hostages are returned to their relatives,” he added.

The United States continues to press for the release of more Americans, Biden said. “And we will not stop until all the hostages are returned,” he said.

On the future of Gaza, Biden said, “A two-state solution is the only way to ensure the long-term security of both Israel and the Palestinian people.” To ensure that Israelis and Palestinians can live in equal freedom and dignity. We will not give up on working for this goal,” he said.

It is our goal to end the fighting tomorrow so that more hostages can be released and we can continue to get more humanitarian relief for those in need.

President Biden has already made it clear that there was no way back to the status quo before October 7 when the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched a surprise attack in Israel that killed more than 1,200 people. The view that comes next.

What is the two-state solution?

A two-state solution requires the establishment of an independent state for the Palestinians alongside Israel. The United States has supported it – for decades – as the first proposed framework for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

However, failed peace talks, logistical issues, Israeli settlement expansion, Palestinian attacks and recurring conflicts have made it impossible to realize. Support for the two-state solution from both the Palestinians and Israelis has waned over the years.

Four-day Israel-Hamas agreement

The four-day truce is the first cease-fire in seven weeks since Hamas killed 1,200 people and took 240 hostages in Gaza.

In response to that attack, Israel vowed to eliminate the Hamas militants who rule Gaza, bombarding the area and attacking the northern land. About 14,800 Palestinians have been killed, according to Gaza health officials, and hundreds of thousands have been displaced.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to security forces in the Gaza Strip on Sunday. He said he talked to Biden about the release of the hostages and said he would be happy if the temporary truce was extended if each additional day meant 10 prisoners would be released.

However, Netanyahu told Biden that at the end of the truce, “we will return with full force to achieve our goal: the elimination of Hamas, the return of Gaza, and of course the evacuation of all people.” Our hostages.”

However, Netanyahu said he would be happy to extend the truce if 10 more hostages would be released each day under the first Qatar-brokered deal.

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