Joe Burrow investigation: Bengals turn over hours of footage to NFL showing QB was healthy, per report

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of Cincinnati Bengals Lost Star IV Joe Burrow For the period a Wrist injury He suffered a loss in Week 11. Baltimore Ravens. The right wrist injury is from a previous problem that was not reported as it should have been, or is a big coincidence, that’s why. NFL is it. Investigate the issue.

The burro has been seen sporting some sort of tie or wrap around his throwing arm. Getting off the plane That week, and in a Bengali video posted on social media — it was quickly deleted. If Burrow was dealing with a wrist injury before the game, it should have been noted on the injury report, which it wasn’t.

According to NFL Media, the Bengals turned over hours of footage to the league showing that Burrow was healthy that week. The footage shows Barrow throwing the ball in practice without his hands typically covered, and includes medical documentation stating that the injury was “acute.” It was not “chronic” which is an injury that occurs over a period of time. The Bengals say their quarterbacks wasted no time preparing for the Ravens.

If the Bengals are found to be in violation of the NFL’s injury policy, the league could issue a fine. In the year In 2019, Pittsburgh Steelers He was fined $75,000. Not to list the exact quarter Ben Roethlisberger On their injury report.

Sunday is the first day. Jake Browning era in Cincinnati, as the Washington product will make his first career start at home against the Steelers.

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