Lane Johnson expects to play Sunday vs. 49ers

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Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson missed one game with a groin injury, but it doesn’t look like he will miss another.

Johnson told him Philadelphia Inquirer He is expected to be ready for Sunday’s game against the 49ers. Johnson said the injury is related to the one that forced him to miss the last two games of the regular season last year, but he thinks he’ll be fine long-term.

“Last year, some scar tissue popped up,” Johnson said. “So it flared up. But I’ll be ready to lash out.He said.

Johnson was backed up by Jack Driscoll, who started right tackle against the Bills in Johnson’s place for a big game in the Eagles’ win. Johnson said he was in Driscoll’s ear on the sidelines as the game continued.

“I feel like he’s been very patient with his hands and I feel like things are starting to go well for him,” Johnson said. “So he told him to go ahead. And then he had a little adjustment on the side. But mostly, the guy just put out a light,” he said.

Driscoll has played well, but the Eagles don’t want to be without Johnson against the 49ers. And it looks like they won’t.

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