LCCC grad pursues agricultural drone business on days off from nursing

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Ethan Moore’s Drones is a head turner.


“People driving that way slow down and then turn around,” says Moore. “They’re all, ‘Is that what I think?’ They ask.

Yes, it’s an incredibly large drone.

In the year In 2022, Ethan Moore founded a company called Erie Drone LLC to develop a new type of pesticide and fungicide application for local farms. (entered)

The DJI Agras T40 has a 40 liter tank, eight propellers and two spray nozzles.

It is specially designed for agricultural work.

And Moore has built his career around this unique tool.

In 2022, Moore launched Lake Erie Drone LLCA company that provides a new type of pesticide and fungicide application to local farms.

His target customers are small farms under 100 acres, mostly located in Lorain County.

Often these farms are located near houses, raising problems with the application of crop dust.

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