Live updates | Israel and Hamas extend truce, agree to free more hostages and prisoners

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Israel and Hamas have them They agreed to extend the ceasefire. As of Wednesday, a hostage exchange for Palestinians held by militants has raised hopes of a prolonged end to the deadliest and most destructive war.

Eleven Israeli women and children freed by Hamas after more than seven weeks of being held hostage in Gaza entered Israel Monday night in the fourth round of a four-day truce. 33 Palestinian prisoners freed by Israel arrived in East Jerusalem and the West Bank city of Ramallah early Tuesday. The prisoners were greeted with loud cheers as their bus drove through the streets of Ramallah.

A cease-fire agreement for two more days raised hopes for a further extension, which would provide more aid to Gaza, which has been besieged for weeks. Israeli bombing and ground attack Three-quarters of the 2.3 million people were evicted from their homes.

But Israel says it is committed to crushing Hamas’ military capabilities and ending its 16-year rule over Gaza. This is probably what it means Expansion of ground attack From the devastated northern Gaza to the south.

About 240 hostages were taken by Hamas. October 7 attack in southern Israel It sparked the war. More than 13,300 Palestinians have been killed since the war began. Ministry of Health under the control of Hamas in Gaza. About 1,200 people were killed in Israel, mostly during the first Hamas offensive.


– Israel and Hamas will extend their truce, but it seems It’s only a matter of time. Before the war started again.

— The U.S. will tell Israel of any ground operations in southern Gaza. It should limit further civilian displacement..

The hostages of Israel were released It describes the deteriorating situation of being captured by Hamas.

The flashing The US will return to the Middle East as it hopes for a longer ceasefire and the release of more hostages.

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Here’s what’s happening in the battle:

Israel urged to reduce the displacement of civilians in southern Gaza

WASHINGTON – The Biden administration told Israel. It should be removed Senior US officials have warned of “further displacement” of Palestinian civilians in southern Gaza if the ground campaign to eliminate the Hamas militant group resumes.

The administration is now seeking to avoid more civilian casualties or mass displacement than was seen before the end of the war, urging Israelis to operate with greater precision in southern Gaza than in the north. He gave a statement to reporters on the condition of anonymity in accordance with the ground rules set by the White House.

As international and domestic pressure mounts over rising Palestinian deaths, the White House has stepped up pressure on Israel to “carefully consider” the course of the upcoming campaign, one of the officials said. Israelis have been receptive to administration officials raising these concerns, the official said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu The Israel Defense Forces have made it clear that they will resume military operations after the current temporary ceasefire expires.

President Joe Biden has said he wants to see a pause in what he has allowed for prisoner and prisoner swaps and the flow of much-needed humanitarian aid into Gaza — as long as possible.

The dialysis unit at Shifa Hospital will be reopened.

CAIRO – Gaza’s Ministry of Health says the dialysis unit at Shifa Hospital has reopened and is accepting patients.

In a brief statement on Tuesday, the ministry invited patients to continue treatment.

Israeli forces raided Shifa, the state’s largest hospital, earlier this month. It leads to release Hundreds of patients and thousands of evacuees were sheltered there. The hospital was unable to admit patients as it lacked food, water and electricity.

Israel says Hamas used the hospital for military purposes. The soldiers reveal a secret tunnel under the compound that leads to several rooms. along with other evidence From what he says was the presence of militants. Hamas and hospital staff denied Israeli allegations that Hamas had a large command and control center there.

According to the World Health Organization, there are still 180 patients, 22 on dialysis, and seven health care workers in Shifa.

The current Hamas-Israeli ceasefire has allowed some aid and supplies to enter Gaza.

The French foreign minister described the hostage negotiations as ‘difficult’

PARIS – France’s foreign minister said on Monday that three French nationals were among the latest group to be swapped, giving a behind-the-scenes look at the “difficult” Qatari-brokered hostage settlement talks between Israel and Hamas. .

“You don’t know until the last hour. Details were exchanged, but after that there were many problems,” Europe and Foreign Affairs Minister Catherine Colonna said on RTL radio on Tuesday.

“There have been concerns and questions for part of the day” about the current exchange, she said on Monday, and spoke to ministerial counterparts from several Arab countries to push the process forward. Finally, he said, “Everything went well. Yes, I will not hide that there is a great relief at the end of the day.”

The three French nationals freed on Monday were all children, aged 12 and 16. France is still missing five citizens, some of whom are believed to be hostages, in the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas on Israel that sparked its deadliest and most destructive war.

The UN Director-General has called for a long-term truce, to release all hostages

United Nations – The head of the United Nations has called for a long-term truce in Gaza and the release of all those held by Palestinian militants.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in a statement on Tuesday that the Palestinians were enduring “one of the darkest chapters” in their history.

Guterres again condemned the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas on Israel that sparked the fifth and deadliest war in Gaza, but said “the Palestinian people cannot justify collective punishment.”

They called for “a long-term humanitarian ceasefire, unlimited access to life-saving aid, the release of all hostages, the protection of civilians and an end to violations of international humanitarian law.”

Israel and Hamas agreed to extend a temporary cease-fire until Wednesday, with hostages and Palestinians held by the militant group also being held by Israel. But after Israel stopped releasing hostages, it vowed to continue the war to destroy Hamas.

Relatives of Israelis killed by Hamas seek support from Australia

CANBERRA, Australia – Relatives and friends of Israelis kidnapped and killed by Hamas visited the Australian Parliament on Tuesday, sharing their personal stories and seeking international support for all. Hostages Liberation – and to support Israel’s war effort.

Members of the group of five will meet with political leaders on a two-day visit to Canberra.

“Our goal is to first return the hostages, all of them,” Elad Levy told reporters outside parliament. Levy’s nephew, Roni Eichel, was a 19-year-old soldier. The entry of Hamas into Israel on October 7 But weeks later, they were pronounced dead.

“Our second objective is to gain the support of the Australian people and the Australian government … for Israel’s action to destroy Hamas and our current military action. To destroy Hamas” said Levy.

Australia’s main political parties support Israel’s right to self-defence but urge Israel to abide by international law by holding non-combat casualties in Gaza.

As we sought to extend the cease-fire, we were forced to return to Mideast.

BRUSSELS – US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will return to the Middle East this week to find a way to extend US hopes. Cease fire in Gaza And the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that more hostages had been released. It will be their third trip to the region since Israel went to war with Hamas last month.

Blinken will travel to Israel and the West Bank after attending Ukraine-focused meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday in Brussels and Skopje, North Macedonia, where foreign ministers from NATO and the European Organization for Peace and Security will gather.

Israel has agreed to end military operations in exchange for the gradual release of hostages taken by Hamas following its October 7 attack on Israel. The deal was due to expire on Monday but has been extended for two more days, meaning the extension will expire as soon as Blinken enters Israel.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said Monday that the United States hopes the moratorium will be extended further, but that it depends on when Hamas continues to release hostages.

Freed Palestinian prisoners arrived in the West Bank city

A Red Cross bus carrying Palestinian prisoners released by Israel enters the West Bank city of Ramallah on Tuesday.

Israel’s prison service says it is freeing 33 Palestinian prisoners in the fourth phase of a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas.

As the prisoners drove the bus through the streets of the West Bank, a crowd cheered them on.

So far, 150 Palestinians have been released from Israeli prisons.

11 more hostages released by Hamas have been returned to Israel.

JERUSALEM – The Israeli army announced the release of 11 hostages from Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

It is the fourth ceasefire agreement with the Hamas military group. Israel freed 33 Palestinian prisoners that day. The hostages were returned to Israeli territory and underwent initial medical examinations before being reunited with their families.

The ceasefire was set to expire on Tuesday morning. Qatar, which is mediating between the two sides, said that Israel and Hamas agreed to extend the agreement for two more days.

According to Israeli media, the hostages included two women and nine children. Two of the children are 3 years old.

The suspect in the shooting of 3 Palestinians near the University of Vermont has pleaded not guilty.

BURLINGTON, Vermont — Three Palestinian college students out for a walk near the University of Vermont were seriously injured over the weekend when a man shot them at close range on a city street — an attack that is being investigated as a possible hate crime, authorities said. Monday.

The suspect, Jason J. Eaton, was charged with three counts of attempted murder and appeared in court via video from jail. Pleading not guilty He entered on his behalf on Monday. They were ordered held without bail.

The U.S. Department of Justice, along with Vermont officials, are investigating whether Saturday’s shooting was a hate crime as threats to Jewish, Muslim and Arab communities in the U.S. grow. Israel-Hamas war It started, said Attorney General Merrick Garland. “There’s a fear that can creep into communities across the country,” he said.

The three men, all in their 20s, were spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Burlington and were visiting one of the victim’s relatives for a walk when they were confronted by a man with a handgun, police said.

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