Liz Truss calls for Reaganite leadership

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With polls showing less than half of Americans now think funding for the war in Ukraine should continue, Joe Biden recently failed to get a $61 billion war chest request to the floor of the House of Representatives, over GOP opposition.

In an article b Wall Street JournalMrs. Truss called on Republicans to accept “conservative leadership in the United States, which is once again bold to call hostile regimes evil and dangerous.”

“To tilt the balance in Ukraine’s favor, we need to ensure that Ukraine has a numerical military advantage against a Russian military backed by Iranian weapons and Chinese diplomatic support,” she argued.

“Today, Ukraine urgently needs to establish air superiority with stealth jets or advanced drones capable of supporting frontline troops. We must fast-track its membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.”

Her calls Conflict with policy areas Among several Republican primary contenders, including Donald Trump, he currently has a 47-point lead over his rivals.

Mr Trump said he would end the war in Ukraine “one day”. If he is re-elected as presidentBringing Mr. Zelensky and Vladimir Putin together to negotiate.

Ron DeSantis, Who is in second place?and Vivek Ramaswamy, the fourth, both called for the US to reduce aid to Ukraine so that it could spend more on domestic priorities such as immigration.

Of the remaining major contenders in the Republican race, only Nikki HaleyThe former governor of South Carolina is supporting Ukraine.

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