Local business in Wyandotte empowering other small businesses this holiday season

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WYANDOT, Mich. (WZ) – There are many benefits to shopping local during the holiday season. However, a local business in Wyandotte called ‘Love Again’ is going the extra mile by encouraging other local vendors.

Julie Butterfield opened the store three years ago after quitting her job in human resources.

“People can find anything they want,” Butterfield said.

From handmade items to recycled products, Julie says the concept of the store is a boutique home to more than 30 local artisans.

“Most people prefer to touch the stuff, to feel it, to try it on,” Butterfield says. “You can’t experience it online. And you can’t get a high five from the owner online either.”

Sherry Lopez, Jennifer Ferguson, and Debra Darling’s sisters are just a few of the many local presenters empowered by Julie.

“Deborah was our mother’s name. We lost our mother to pancreatic cancer in 2019. This was a project to keep us connected,” said Leah Peter, Debra Darling’s wife.

“It’s a great opportunity for me to be able to do this on the side while still keeping my full-time job,” said Lopez, owner of Sherry Style Boutique.

Ferguson says most of the baked goods sold by Joanie Kifley are her grandmother’s recipes, shared by Jennifer’s late mother.

“I named the business after my mother, Joan, and my business stands for comfort and love,” Ferguson said.

“I’m all about empowered women, empowering other women, so anytime I can support a woman’s dream, that’s what we do,” Butterfield said.

Butterfield says buying local means redistributing money back into the community.

“We made a banner for the football team, so we supported the local football team. Go Bears,” Butterfield said. “And since February, I’ve given away at least 25 baskets to various charities and organizations that have found me.”

Butterfield is looking to add more performers to ‘Love Again’. To meet with Butterfield, call (734) 365-9609

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