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SSome people love to work and don’t want to stop even after they turn 80.

why? “It’s challenging and fascinating and never boring,” he said. Ronald N. Tutor83. Managed the Sylmar Construction Company Guardian Perini Corp. For the better part of 60 years, and the only license to age is to be reduced to working “only” 50 hours a week.

In this special report, the Business Journal interviews eight Angelenos, 80 and older, who are still working hard every day.

one of them, Leroy Brown, in terms of longevity on the job is even greater than the teacher. He was 90 years old and worked at the post office for 68 years. He has no plans to retire.

Mogzit, meanwhile, has decided to step down as CEO at the end of next year and will then serve as executive chairman for two years before retiring. But he doesn’t seem happy about it.

“I don’t know what to do with my time. That will be a real challenge,” he said.

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