Maya Regev Walks Free After 50 Days In Hamas Captivity, But…

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Maya Regev is one of the hostages taken by Hamas from the music festival.

Gaza strip

Maya Regev, 21, and her younger brother Itai, 18, were abducted by Hamas gunmen on Oct. 7 at the Tribe of Nova music festival in southern Israel. 17 hostages were released by Hamas On the 2nd day of the truce, her brother was still not released.

“My son is divided because my son Itai is still in captivity of Hamas in Gaza,” said Mirit Regev, hugging Maya after 50 years.

Maya is one of the hostages taken by Hamas from the music festival. Originally from Herzliya, near Tel Aviv, Maya and Itai returned to Israel the other day after celebrating their mother’s birthday abroad.

They were shot while on the phone with their father, who tried in vain to locate them.

On October 7, 2008, when she called her father, Ilan Regev, at 8:58 p.m., she shouted, “Dad, come here, they are shooting at me, I am dying.” .

He immediately rushed to the concert venue, but the road was blocked and he had to stop and turn back.

A few hours later, footage of the siblings tied to the back of a pickup truck went viral.

They went to a party to have fun. “I don’t care about politics, I just want my children to come back healthy,” Ilan told The Times of Israel in one episode.

Their mother Mirit describes them as a fun-loving duo who love to make plans. “She (Maya) loves life, plans, leads and brings others with her. Itay loves to surf, laugh, live,” she told The Times of Israel.

Maya was one of the 13 Israelis who were released for the second time on Sunday as hostages by Hamas in exchange for Palestinian prisoners. She was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment of her leg injuries.

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There is Israel. He unleashed his military power. 1,200 Israelis were killed and more than 200 were captured in the Gaza Strip after an October 7 attack. At least 15,000 people have been killed, according to the Hamas-run Ministry of Health.

The hostage transfer was the first step in a second day of talks between Israel and Hamas, part of a four-day ceasefire and more humanitarian aid into Gaza.

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