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EDMONDS – For Mayor-elect Mike Rosen, the best part of life in Edmonds is watching the sunrise over the Olympics or enjoying dinner over Puget Sound while sipping a cup of coffee.

Edmonds likes how it reminds him of a small town. Residents smile and chat with him as they pass by on the street.

“You see small, locally owned businesses as opposed to chain stores, and I think that feels very unique and vibrant,” Rosen said.

Rosen, a political newcomer; He beat incumbent Mayor Mike Nelson by 1,500 votes This month, he ended a tense four-year tenure at City Hall.

Here are three things, among many, Rosen wants to implement when he takes office in January.

Make Edmonds politics boring again

The new mayor wants to restore confidence in Edmonds city government.

Under Nelson, residents said they didn’t feel “honestly heard” or informed about why city officials made certain decisions. He pointed out that the city closed parts of Main Street and promoted it.Methods” during the epidemic.

Rosen thinks the city should have done a better job asking Business What owners and residents want.

“The decision was made when people were clamoring for a seat at the table,” he said. “I think the decision didn’t have full input from all stakeholders and or the outcome.”

Rosen wants to be more active in live broadcasting. He also wants to make it convenient for residents to participate.

Rosen joked that the city should “make Edmonds politics boring again.” His aim is to reduce the debate related to civic participation here.

The new mayor has the support of several city council members.

“I am pleased to have Mike Rosen elected mayor,” Councilman Dave Tetzel said in an email. “It brings a truly collaborative approach to better engage our citizens and foster collaboration between council and city government.”

Councilwoman Jenna Nand hopes he’s ready to “put his nose to the grindstone” to meet the city’s needs.

Nand feels that trust in Edmonds’ government has been “severely shaken by recent events,” and that it will take “a lot of work and painful compromise” to restore that trust.

“I have high hopes that Mayor-elect Rosen will be able to build a bridge between the administration, the council and the public,” she said in an email. “A spirit of respect, communication and cooperation between the branches of local government in the city of Edmonds must be restored.”

SStrengthening the neighborhood identity

Edmonds doesn’t have neighborhood associations similar to nearby cities — something Rose wants to change.

He said he wants to meet residents where they are.

“We’re looking at and working on things that will determine the future,” Rosen said. “Those neighborhoods and the people around them should have a bigger voice in what their neighborhood should look like.”

Neighborhood associations can pay more attention to parts of the city.

“We are different in many ways, geography being just one of them,” he said. “There are also members of the community who don’t seem to get the attention or resources they deserve, and I’d love for us to get to a place where we can understand all those lenses.”

Rosen says each neighborhood group:

• Increasing citizen participation in government;

• Creating a vision for their environment;

• Cooperation on neighboring projects;

• Fostering social relationships;

• Provide input on purchasing and maintaining property.

Draw the organizational structure of the city

Rosen plans to clarify the chain of command, making it easier for the public to understand the city’s inner workings. That way, residents know exactly where to go with their questions and concerns.

The aim is to “begin to identify our problems so that we can solve them with our hearts together and our heads together”.

Rosen suggested creating committees where residents could provide input. He said people who are passionate about the city’s sidewalks can meet to find out what’s going on.

Many people in Edmonds have an interest or expertise that can benefit the city, Rosen said. He wants to use their knowledge.

“How can I unleash the potential that is walking around this city?” he asked.

Ashley Nash: 425-339-3037;; Twitter: @ash_nash00.

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