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Michael Pope, who has died aged 78, wrote many stories that straddle the border between science fiction and mainstream. Ray Bradbury and Jorge Luis Borges Thomas M. Dish and Philip K. Dick, Dylan Thomas, and Tolstoy, but go back as far as the Greek historian Herodotus for inspiration. Common to his work was a desire to explore the human spirit.

Early examples include the first novel Burial of Eyes of Fire (1975, revised as Eyes of Fire, 1980), among the androgynous inhabitants of the distant trope set in distinctly alien and distant worlds. In Transfiguration (1979) a scientist tries to decipher a seemingly irrational alien culture.

Bishop introduced the nucleus of the city of Atlanta, an alternative, representing the United States, its centennial history in Little Knowledge (1977) and Catacomb Years (1979), the two books revised and combined in The City and Cygnets (2019). Also known as the Urn Cycle, the scenes of racial tension and protesters being beaten by authorities are still relevant.

Since 1977, when the Star Wars movies gave rise to juvenile science fiction, Pope turned to paleoanthropological subjects from extraterrestrials, he told Nick Gevers. InfinityPlus website In the year In 2000: “Rightly or wrongly, I wanted to give back. [science fiction]At least in some of its literary manifestations, it is a legitimate medium through which to explore the human concerns of the ages.

His novel The Fast (1981) won the Nebula Prize, and his second novel, No Enemy But Time (1982), combines two narratives, one told by African-American Joshua Kampa 2m years ago. Another shows Campan’s journey from childhood, when he was named John Monegall by foster parents and haunted by dreams of the ancient world, to becoming an amateur paleontologist with a time machine. The Archaic Era (1985) changed the course of travel, the earliest hominins survived to the present.

Among his novels, his favorite is Brittle Innings (1994), a tribute to both of them. Mary Shelley And baseball, where a promising young player joins the Georgia team and meets their star, the monumental and magnificent jumbo Henry Clerval, is the mystery of Dr. Frankenstein’s immortal creation. In a surprise visit from the renaissance Englishwoman herself, she starred as Pope’s “narrative introduction” to the collection The Mortal Immortal: The Complete Supernatural Short Fiction of Mary Shelley (1996).

Another was honor. Philip K. Dick Dead, Alas, originally published as The Secret Ascension (1987), but later republished under the title Bishop’s Preferred, in which Dick’s sci-fi novels are hijacked by President Nixon.

Ever the tempter, who made Bishop Stevie? He wrote the horror novel. (1984); Unicorn Mountain (1988), a fantasy with Native American mythology; superhero satire The Countdown to Geiger Blues (1992); and a children’s book, Joel-Brock the Brave and the Valorous Smalls (2016). He collaborated with British science historian Ian Watson and Paul DiFilippo on the novel Under the Sky Bridge (1981) and with Paul DiFilippo on the novel It Kills You to Smile? (1998) and Muskrat Courage (2000), under Philip Lawson. He has also published two volumes of poetry, a collection of essays and, away from sci-fi, two collections of (mostly) contemporary stories.

Book cover: Michael Pope, Brittle Innings

Born in Lincoln, Nebraska, Michael was the son of farmer Lee (Leotis) Bishop and telephone operator Mac (Maxine, nee Matheson) before enlisting in the US Air Force.

The family moved around the United States and the Pacific Ocean, including Korea and Japan, for Lee’s service. Michael spent a year at Yogi Elementary School in Tokyo before his parents separated and he and Mac returned to America. But Michael spent the summer wherever his father was posted.

His parents divorced in 1951, and after more marriages and divorces, Mack married Charles Willis, a former bomber, with whom he had two children of his own. In the year In 1958, the family moved to Tulsa, where Michael attended Nathan Hale High School.

Willis was a fan of UFOs, pulp magazines, and science fiction and horror movies. Michael loved classics illustrated and the novels they were based on until a high school friend recommended him Bradbury. While recovering from a football injury, Bishop began writing stories (“Dirty City Ruins”) and poetry (“Bad”) and wrote two novels about wolf dogs. Jack London White Dog.

He studied English literature at the University of Georgia, took creative education classes, and met Jerry Whittaker, whom he married in 1969. After graduating with a master’s degree in 1968, he applied to the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps and taught English. USAF Academy Preparatory School in Colorado Springs, then from 1972 at the University of Georgia.

Bishop sold his first story Pinon Fall to Galaxy in 1970, and sales to Fantasy and Science Magazine. A novelIf and various ancient stories followed.

In 1974, he moved his family to Pine Mountain, Georgia to write full-time. From 1996 to 2012, he held the post of writer-in-residence at LaGrange College.

His son Jamie, who provided illustrations for five of Bishop’s books, was killed in the 2007 mass shooting at Virginia Tech. Bishop is survived by Jerry, his daughter Stephanie and two grandchildren.

Michael Lawson Bishop, author, born 12 November 1945. He died on November 13, 2023

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