Michigan WR Roman Wilson takes apparent dig at Marvin Harrison Jr., Ohio State: ‘You’re not tough’

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Number 3 Michigan The No. 2 has won the first three games in the competitive series. Ohio State For more than two decades, Wolverine A 30-24 home win against the Buckeyes. According to the Wolverines wide receiver Roman WilsonThere is no doubt which team is stronger. Michigan’s leading pass-rusher to the point of casting a clear shadow over his Buckeyes counterpart – All-American Marvin Harrison Jr. — during the postgame press conference.

I said [our] Receivers this week: You have guys [at Ohio State] — This is what I thought too — People wearing Lewis [Vuitton]A thousand dollar suit.” Wilson said.. “You want to work hard, but when we’re out there, they’re not hard. I watch the film. You’re not tough. And I don’t think I’m the toughest guy in the world. But I’m out there. I’m getting physical. I don’t think they want me like I want them to.”

For reference, retired son Harrison NFL Star wide receiver Marvin Harrison, seen He wore an Apple Watch and a Louis Vuitton cleat Ohio State won on the road Wisconsin Earlier in the month. So while Wilson didn’t mention the star by name extensively, his target was clear during the talks.

Harrison — already a 1,000-yard receiver this season before Saturday — finished the rivalry game against Michigan with 118 yards receiving and a touchdown, while Wilson had 36 yards receiving and a touchdown. However, Harrison was the intended target at quarterback. Kyle McCord Wolverine bounced back late in the game Rod Moore Sealing the deal for Michigan, he came up with the ball.

As a result, Michigan now They head to the Big Ten Championship Game. For the third straight season, the conference is looking for a three-peat and third straight. College football Playground. All the while, Harrison and the Buckeyes will be at the mercy of the playoff selection committee, though at 11-1, they’ll need an upset to have any chance of making it to the CFP for a second straight year.

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