Model Train Show makes stop at the Science Museum of Virginia

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The Science Museum of Virginia returned to the train station as the Model Train Show made its 46th annual stop over the weekend.

Trains Young and old can take a tour of this year’s collection of model trains in a variety of dioramas.

“You know, it’s really fun to see families and everybody come together,” said Han Paul, president of Virginia’s Piedmont & Central HO Model Railroad. “It gives you a chance to see what you’re looking at. Because they notice different things that we don’t.”

The various displays showcased the many talents and aspects of model railroading. A set is built entirely from LEGO bricks.

“There’s a lot of different fields in it, like science, technology, engineering, all of that,” Paulus said. “There are crafts and arts. Everyone has their favorite little part.

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For Howard Boiseau, who rode a motorized scooter around the exhibit, the model train show spans three generations of his family, as his two grown sons and grandson all attend the show.

Boisseau has been a model train enthusiast since his father bought him a set as a child. Now, the model train show has become a way for him to recapture a bit of his youth.

“When I see the ad on TV, that’s when the fun starts,” Boiseau said. And we’re really excited to be able to bring (his grandson) this year.

Boiso smiled as a train carrying LEGO figures passed him.

“It’s hard to explain,” Boiseau said when asked why he enjoys model trains. “It’s just the small scale, their appearance. It’s hard to explain. Everything about them is just that. “

Hoping to instill in his grandson an interest in model railroading, Boiseau wanted more than just nostalgia from the model train show.

“Every time he came, ‘Can you make the model train?’ he asks.

Other grandparents also attended the event, trying to pass on their love of model trains to “Gameboys”.

“It’s a great way to connect with the public and see what they want, so we can offer more in our spare time,” Paul said.

“We had a kid come in and he didn’t really care about the trains,” Paul said. But he loved to pick every truck he found on the layout.

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