Mote partners with SCUBAPRO on new Coral Reef Restoration Citizen Science Program

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Sarasota, Fla. Coral reef system.

“Coral reefs are the building blocks of ocean ecosystems, accounting for 25% of the world’s marine life. We are extremely excited to partner with Johnson & Johnson on this program, which is science-based,” said Mott Marine Laboratory and Aquarium. President and CEO Dr. Michael P. Crosby said.

SCUBAPRO is teaming up with major ocean conservation-conscious brand dealers to host a series of coral reef restoration events where students can experience the science-based research and conservation efforts to protect the oceans we all love and enjoy.

In the full-day program, participants will learn about coral reef ecology and experience Mote’s leading, comprehensive science-based coral reef restoration techniques, microfragmentation and reskinning, a pioneering technique that allows Mote to grow by the thousands. Coral pieces that are ground before planting on the reef, promote faster growth at 50x the rate of natural coral growth.

Participants will protect dead underwater coral tree seedlings and plant the coral fragments grown in the program on real ocean reefs. All scuba divers are welcome to join SCUBAPRO and Mote for these rehabilitation events.

To learn more about the partnership and get involved in the coral reef restoration project, visit:

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