Musk, Israel reach ‘signficant agreement’ on use of Starlink in Gaza

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Elon Musk advertisement Starlink, the satellite internet constellation operated by the aerospace company SpaceX that could be used by internationally recognized aid groups in Gaza, has now been withdrawn. This is because the billionaire and the Israeli government have reached an ‘understanding in principle’ under which Starlink will only operate in Israel – including the Gaza Strip – with the approval of Israel’s Ministry of Communications.

Starlink has built a rapidly growing network of more than 3,500 satellites in low-Earth orbit. (Representative image)

The country’s communications minister, Shlomo Karhi, on Monday announced a ‘major deal’ to Musk-owned social network X (formerly Twitter).

“As the State of Israel fights Hamas-IS, this awareness is vital, as it is for those who wish for a better world, free of evil and free of anti-Semitism, for our children,” Karhi wrote on X.

“During your (Musk’s) time in Israel, I hope you will gain valuable knowledge and serve as a springboard for future endeavors, as well as enhance your relationship with the Jewish people and values,” the minister added. We share it with the whole world.”

The world’s richest man is currently in Israel meeting with the country’s leaders amid the ongoing war against Hamas, the Islamist group that rules Gaza. On October 7, Hamas carried out attacks in Israel, prompting a retaliatory strike by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The war has been going on ever since.

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