Myanmar armed group seizes China-Myanmar border crossing

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A minority ethnic militant group in Myanmar has seized control of a border crossing into China from the country’s ruling junta, local media and a security source said on Sunday.

Fighting broke out in Myanmar’s northern Shan state, close to the Chinese border, after an armed coalition of three ethnic minority groups attacked the army in October.

The groups have seized dozens of military positions and a city important for trade with China, cutting off trade routes for the cash-strapped junta.

The Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) — one of the three allied groups — has captured the Khin San Kyaw border gate, according to local media linked to the group.

“The MNDAA reported this morning the seizure of one more border trading gate, Kin San Kyawt, in the Mongko area, Moses district,” Kokang News reported on Sunday.

He added that the alliance – including the Arakan Army (AA) and the Taeng National Liberation Army (TNLA) – has captured other positions in the border trade zone since the offensive began on Friday.

The MNDAA raised its flag at the Kien San Kyawt border trade zone, a security source told AFP.

After the outbreak, the gate reopened in 2022 and is a major trading post on the Myanmar-China border.

Earlier in the week, junta spokesman Zhao Min Tun told state media that about 120 trucks parked near the border crossing were set on fire, blaming armed groups.

The upheaval from the war has hit Myanmar’s already struggling economy, harming cross-border trade and denying the military much-needed taxes and foreign currency.

Local reports indicate that goods passing through the Kin San Kyut Crossing include machinery, electrical equipment, agricultural tractors and consumer goods.

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