NATO chief’s assertion: Ukraine causing ‘heavy losses’ to Russia

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Monday that Ukraine is still inflicting heavy losses on Russia, despite Kiev’s failure to recapture the captured territory.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg (AP)

“Of course, we want them to liberate as many territories as possible as soon as possible, but despite the fact that the front is not moving, the Ukrainians have been able to inflict heavy losses on the Russian invaders,” Stoltenberg said.

The motto of the Western military alliance comes after Ukraine’s top general has reached a “conflict” in the conflict with Russia.

“The highest number of casualties and some of the most intense fighting we have seen in the war have taken place in the last weeks and two months,” Stoltenberg said.

We have to recognize the fact that the front line is not moving much and that in fact a very hard battle is going on.

NATO’s top commander said that while Ukraine’s forces are currently not advancing, they have already retaken 50 percent of the territory that Russia occupied after Kiev was fully occupied.

“This is a great victory for Ukraine,” he said.

Meanwhile, Russia is weak politically, economically and militarily.

Ukraine’s failure to make significant changes has raised doubts about future military support from its key backer, the United States.

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Stoltenberg pointed to the recent 10 billion euro ($11 billion) in military aid to Germany and the Netherlands as evidence that Western support is not drying up.

Stoltenberg played down fears that the dwindling supply of arms to Ukraine would force Kiev to return to the negotiating table with Russian President Vladimir Putin before he is ready.

Stoltenberg said: “Ukraine will decide the acceptable means of ending this war.”

“Our responsibility is to support Ukraine and enable them to liberate as much land as possible and keep it as much as possible when the negotiations begin.”

NATO foreign ministers will meet in Brussels on Tuesday to try to reassure Kiev of its support, even as Israel’s war with Hamas diverts much attention.

Washington has insisted it supports Ukraine “for the long haul” despite opposition, but hardline Republicans have so far blocked any major new pledges.

Stoltenberg said NATO allies have sent increasingly advanced weapons systems to Ukraine to develop, and work is being done to better coordinate how Kiev’s forces use technology such as drones and cyber attacks.

“I am convinced that the message from NATO allies at this meeting … is that we must stand by Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said.

“It is in our security interests that President Putin does not win this war.”

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