NFL: Week 12 Wins, Losses, and Futures

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After a late comeback in Philly by Jalen Harts and the Eagles and a Sunday night win by Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, tonight’s tilt between NFC North rivals Chicago and Minnesota is all that remains in Week 12 in the NFL.

In today’s event, the children from my home EDGE surveyed their results and progress of the week.

Cleveland Browns

Jay Croucher (@croucherJD) is cautiously optimistic for Browns fans despite the injury to Myles Garrett in yesterday’s loss to Denver.

“It’s not looking good for Myles Garrett. If he can’t shrug and hear a pop, I guess he’s done for the year. They still have a good defense without Garrett and they still have seven wins in the bank and the bottom of the AFC doesn’t look too good. So they can still make the final, but if they do, they’ll be booed. They’ll still be playing Tim Boyle and Jake Branning on the show. So that could easily be two wins there and then you’re at nine.

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Houston Texans

CJ Stroud (-10000 OROY) and the Texans came up short against Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars, but Crutcher believes in Stroud and thinks DeMeco Ryans (+400 COY) will send the starter for 4.Th And 12 instead of picking up what would have been a career-long field goal for Amendola.

“CJ Stroud (+1800 MVP) is the fourth favorite for MVP in the market and maybe not unreasonable to be honest. On 4th and 12, I figured they were going to take Stroud out and he was going to convert. I think I have more faith in CJ Stroud to play quarterback than anybody in the league right now, I know that’s wrong, but…”

Detroit Lions

The Lions hit the joint on Thanksgiving and Drew Dincic (@whale_capper) isn’t on the Dan Campbell (+175 COY) Band of the Year wagon.

“I don’t want to give it to someone who got his teeth kicked in by Matt Lafleur (+10000 COY) on Thanksgiving. What in the world?! Look, I’m going to have two weeks of unresolved anger over that Lions loss because that cost me a lot of money. That stinks! In the game, the lions came out with a complete lack of juice and allowing Love to run in 1St Half and Goff, like some of Goff’s absolute bonehead mistakes. Is that your coach of the year? Someone else might choose it, but I didn’t.

Seattle Seahawks

Thanksgiving Day hits San Francisco and Seattle closes. Confidence is strong about the Seahawks (+116 to make the playoffs), even though they’d be sitting as a wild-card team if the game started today.

“It was Thanksgiving night, so people probably slept through it,” Dincic said. “The game was not competitive. We knew this wasn’t a good matchup for them… boy, they were really bad. Geno looks battered and defeated. The offensive line was absolutely brutal. Seahawks – Are they a contender to lose? I don’t think it’s out of state.”

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