‘No expert opinion was sought during Silkyara tunnel construction’: Uttarakhand LoP exposes critical lapses in the construction process | TOI Original – Times of India Videos

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November 26, 2023, 08:38 PM ISSource: TOI. in

Yashpal Arya, an opposition leader in Uttarakhand, said the construction of the Silkhira tunnel went ahead without input and advice from experts. He stated that this lack of expert opinion and lack of a proper survey before construction resulted in critical flaws in the overall construction process. Meanwhile, rescue operations in the Silkara cave in Uttarshi district, where 41 workers were trapped for two weeks, have been halted again. The rescue team, trying to find workers trapped in the collapsed cave, stopped digging on Friday after encountering new metal closures in the rock rubble. So far, the rescuers have dug down 46 meters (151 feet) and need to dig up. 12 m (40 ft) more to create a walkway. Similarly, the Uttarakhand government is providing hot meals consisting of rice and lentils through 6-inch (15-centimeter) pipes to workers who are trapped. Also, oxygen is supplied through a separate pipeline.

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