Oberlin Business Partnership encourages holiday shopping with fun promotions

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Several Oberlin businesses are participating in holiday-themed promotions. Oberlin Business Partnership To help drum up sales during the holiday season.

The “Holiday Oberlin Experience” consists of three separate promotions with the goal of increasing business traffic and providing shoppers with exciting opportunities.

Janet Harr, executive director of the Oberlin Business Partnership, said this time of year is critical for many businesses.

“It’s important because some of our small businesses depend on this holiday shopping and dining season to make enough money until January and February when Oberlin College is closed,” Harr said. Some of their income is from college students who won’t be here for a while after the holidays.

One of the ads is a “holiday shopping passport.” Shoppers can pick up their Passport at most downtown stores and enter to win a $25 gift card to be used at a variety of Oberlin businesses if you spend money at three businesses between now and Dec. 22.

The Oberlin Business Partnership also says people can individually purchase gift cards that can be used at more than 30 businesses in Oberlin.

There will also be an “Elf on the Shelf Scavenger Hunt” where shoppers are invited to look for little elves on shelves at various stores. If you find one, you can mark it on the game sheet and save it for a chance at a prize.

Harr said cooperation from all businesses is critical for these promotions to work.

“It takes a lot of consistent communication,” she said. “If we work year after year, it’s easy to forget what we did last year. Each year, the Oberlin Business Partnership helps each business remember that they had more sales during that time because they participated in these events.

Haar said she has received positive feedback from consumers who have participated in similar promotions in previous years.

“Guys, I’ve lived here for years, but I’ve never been in that store before. I’m so glad I did,” she said.

With the “Oberlin Holiday Experience” comes an emphasis on entertainment. Harr says this strategy is most likely to hit home with young people.

“The message ‘buy, buy, buy’ is outdated. Today’s younger generation is looking for experiential opportunities and doesn’t necessarily respond to sales pitches.

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