Opinion: A one-sided special session struck down Republican ideas for more of the same from Democrats


In the year On November 7, Colorado voters overwhelmingly rejected Gov. Jared Polis and Colorado Democrats’ response to the overwhelmingly oppressive effects of property tax increases.

A week later, after calls from Republicans and others, the police called a special meeting. In four long days, the Democrats unanimously It is driven by policies He has shown a clear disregard for the needs of the people of Colorado. Our hope was to sincerely cooperate with the citizens and the other side to bring real relief to the people who are suffering in the pockets of working families in this state.

In the year During the 2023 regular legislative session, Republicans voted down the Gallagher Amendment, which would have suspended the estate tax. Governor Polis and legislative Democrats have no interest in having an honest debate and instead push their agenda to steal some of your Taxpayer Rights (TABOR) refunds under the guise of tax relief. That prop became HH, we know how that ended.

Tabor refunds are money the state pays you because it “overcollected” these funds. A part of HH used to give your refund to other citizens through the refund method to everyone. That doesn’t save taxpayers anything, it’s redistributing money. That’s what Proposition HH enabled and now the right one During this special meeting, the Democrats passedn.

The redistribution goes even further. Now the state will take a portion of the TABOR refund and use it. Earned income tax credits. While helping the needy is a good deed, this is nothing more than favoring the people who can use the money strictly while the government chooses winners and losers. For example, this would reduce the TABOR refund for a single mother making $46,560 or married parents making $53,120 or more.

How many Coloradans must say “no” to a proposal before Democrats listen? More than 60% of them.

We often hear that the election of legislators is a mandate given by the people. If the people are asked about something specifically and they refuse in an overwhelming way, isn’t this the authority to seek a different solution? Democrats passed Proposition HH, which would reverse and redistribute the constitutionally mandated TABOR refund.

In the closing days of the 2023 regular session, Democrats have repeatedly and before introduced legislation to end debate to force legislation without any Republican support. The Democrats didn’t want us to have a seat at the table. All 19 Republicans in the House decided to take a stand, protesting and joining forces against the abuse of power and the silencing of all Republicans.

When the governor finally announced the special session, he said he wanted to “bridge the partisan divide and put people in politics to provide immediate property tax relief.” But what really happened in this particular session?

On the first day, it took only a few short hours for them to reject all of the Republican property tax relief measures that would have offered Coloradans real estate tax relief, without taking away much of their hard-earned money from citizens. At 12:41pm (Republican legislation in the House has counted for 48 minutes and 19 seconds) Democrats have officially killed every Republican measure to help citizens. Likewise, the Democrat solutions could not get any Republican support, because they could not implement the ideas that we briefly put on the table in the name of the citizens. So much for bipartisanship.

So, four full days after this special session, we have more of the same. The majority continues to ignore the will of the people and steal your TABOR refunds despite a clear message from voters. The majority continues to silence the opposition when we oppose their anti-citizen agenda. The spirit of dualism remains empty store window dressing for many.

We continue to see more of the same from the Democrats. During the regular legislative session in January, we will see a change of heart from our friends on the other side. Balance and order must be restored to the Colorado House of Representatives. Unfortunately, if this particular session is any indication of what’s to come this 2024 session, it will be more of the same.

Mike Lynch is a Republican from Wellington and represents District 65 in the Colorado House of Representatives. He serves as the minority leader of that body.


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