Opinion | Climate change science should come from climate scientists

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I have a simple question for John Clauser, Nobel laureate in physics and climate denier, who appeared in a Nov. 19 Politics & Nation article.‘There is no climate crisis,’ says a Nobel Prize-winning physicist.He said. As he argues, without publishing a single supporting peer-reviewed article, if carbon dioxide emissions lead to expanded cloud cover through a net cooling effect, why? Earth is setting temperature records.?

His argument has been in the literature for decades and simply does not match actual experience. Further proof, as Richard Holbrooke famously said.“The smartest guy in the room isn’t always right,” he says.

The article about John Clauser and other climate change deniers was published in 1967 by petitioner’s attorney Bernard S. It reminded me of my brief conversation with Cohen. Loving Virginia Case I told Cohen I knew nothing about it, and he said, “You’ve been living in a cave for 40 years?” he asked me.

Has Klauser been in a cave for the past 10 years? Anyone who’s lived through the crazy weather cycles of the last few years—even here in Washington, DC—is familiar with the incredible extremes we’ve experienced. Global climate changeas a Ice packs in the Arctic meltingas a Storms And Hurricanes have swept through previously calmer areasetc. Do he and his ilk think? National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Every year it is announced Global average temperature increase? that is “Terrible“Science.

David E. Br, Bethesda

as if”‘A Nobel laureate physicist says there is no climate problem.” Readers are told that physicist John Clauser, rightly celebrated for his groundbreaking achievements in photon quantum entanglement, has been given credit for denying catastrophic global warming.

Although Mr. Clauser’s work in the 1970s is truly commendable 2022 Nobel Prize in PhysicsCombining accepted quantum-mechanical insights with equivalent insights in climate science lacks common sense, scientific rigor, and logical rigor. An important aspect of science is related to proving or falsifying hypotheses; In the arena of climate-science theory, unlike quantum theory, Mr. Klauser seems to have neither proved nor falsified.

Mr. Clauser has committed what is called a “category fallacy” by comparing one field of science to another, as if science were just one big field. Such a fallacy occurs when a functional relationship between two similar things—in this case, successful understandings of the facts of quantum mechanics (specifically entanglement) and the facts of climate science—clashes the boundaries of the category that stands between them.

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