Opinion: Colorado church says alcohol is fine but cannabis is “disastrous” in a deeply flawed pastoral letter

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The Archdiocese of Denver has some thoughts on the legalization of cannabis, and he dropped them Nov. 10 in 9,000 words.”Pastor’s letterHe said.

In the message, the Reverend Samuel J., a senior Catholic official in Mile Lake, said: Aquila has offered a strong — and deeply flawed — critique of the plant’s use and impact on Colorado communities. “

I humbly write to offer a different perspective on the legality and use of cannabis, in the interest of mutual respect and the safety of our communities. It is imperative to approach this complex topic with a combination of compassion, reason, and an understanding of historical context.

In the letter, the pontiff links cannabis, along with drugs like fentanyl, to societal problems like homelessness. Instead of providing strong evidence for his argument, the archbishop seems like this Relying on the debunked “gateway drug” theory, and in doing so, presents a distorted narrative that is not based on reality. He opposes the legalization of marijuana, but fails to weigh the seriousness of criminal activity in his assessment.

Since the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, cannabis has been illegal. assigned One of the most harmful substances along with deadly killers like heroin. While the federal schedule of weeds It may soon change for the betterFinally, this classification was based on political strategy and not on scientific data.

John Ehrlichman, former adviser to President Nixon; He accepted before his death Criminalization of marijuana was a strategic tool designed to disrupt and unfairly punish communities that opposed the Nixon administration, particularly black Americans and other marginalized groups.

This context is critical. Not only has the US war on drugs failed to address the root causes of addiction and abuse, but b A disproportionate crime Vulnerable populations. When discussing the legalization and consumption of marijuana, I believe it is correct to say that legalizing marijuana and imprisoning millions of people for low-level marijuana offenses has harmed many people. Instead of using marijuana more than ever.

I also take issue with the Pope’s use of the word “illegal” to describe cannabis. Almost every state has legalized cannabis. There is nothing legal about highly controlled weed purchased at a licensed retail store.

The Pope went out of his way to defend alcohol consumption by distinguishing it from other “recreational drugs” and defining the word “drug” as “any psychoactive substance used recreationally to produce significant changes in human consciousness.” ” But anyone who has spent a Friday night in Reno knows that alcohol can cause significant changes in consciousness.

Perhaps the Pope’s favorable stance on alcohol has to do with the fact that wine is an integral part of the Catholic Eucharist. Or maybe it’s a reflection of society’s widespread acceptance of alcohol. Either way, it’s important to remember that excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for an estimated 140,000 deaths in the US each year. According to the US National Institutes of Health.

Cannabis use, while not entirely without risk, has never been linked to o.Excess death or an increase in the death rate in the US or anywhere else. In fact, responsible, controlled use of cannabis can provide relief to many people suffering from a variety of ailments without the serious risks associated with alcohol and other drugs.

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