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More than 150 Iowa “faith leaders” have announced their support for Donald Trump in the upcoming state caucuses. At the same time, Bob Vander Platts, an influential Iowa evangelical leader, is endorsing Ron DeSantis. Predictably, Donald Trump blasted the Vander Platts as “crooks.”

Could this indicate a split in evangelical circles?

These endorsements come shortly before the release of Tim Alberta’s book, “The Kingdom, the Power, And the Glory: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism.” Alberta Donald Trump, a writer for The Atlantic and other publications and an evangelical Christian, said during the 2016 campaign that the Christians who supported Texas Senator Ted Cruz for president were “professors” and “real S. -t.”

Will this break the superglue-like attachment many evangelicals have to Trump, when people who have blind faith in Trump seem to have more than the faith and trust they are commanded to place in the God they claim to worship? Do you continue to condemn his unchristian language and behavior?

Alberta has spent four years embracing evangelical churches and conservative political circles, persuading many to articulate their reasons for continuing to support Trump.

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