Opinion: Greg Iwan: Solutions to lawlessness of Longmont drivers

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NFL referees don’t always get it right. If they cite every “offensive holding” violation, their case is likely to be reviewed four times. Is the same framework working here for specific traffic offences? I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the close calls or ignored stop signs I put up with. I don’t like the annual increase in my auto insurance premiums and I strongly suspect that the culprit is not only traffic density (the most important measure of traffic accidents and deaths) but also law enforcement abusers.

Is it possible to get positive, aggressive, good quality, unwavering enforcement? If not, why not? I have long believed that lawmaking is a fool’s game. So maybe there is another approach. If Longmont announces and “tests” – say for three months – a kind of suspension. Cover all stop signs except on State Highways 119 and 66 and US Highway 287. I think the state and the feds don’t allow this “exercise”. I can still cross them, but if there is “nothing” to enforce elsewhere, our thin police force can concentrate on those streets. New signs at each entrance to the city inform motorists that most stop signs have been removed and to drive with extreme caution.

Where there are no stop signs (at least in the commonly seen ones), it’s every driver for himself or herself. who knows? After three months of serious property damage or more business for local medical clinics, drivers can learn something.

Leave the traffic lights alone (for now). One problem at a time. That may one day require asteroid-on-dinosaur therapy, but right now we have a bad habit of healing in the city. Is there clear and obvious contempt for the simple octagonal red symbol? Are people in that much of a hurry? Or to break the law, until they think they got a hint from some public representatives? T-Boner or T-Bonnie, I have no interest in the escalating habits of nuts around here, and I have no patience for the attitude of people who scoff at stop signs. In retail center parking lots. And, by the way, the law says you’re not legal unless your wheels stop rolling completely behind the “safety zone” (usually the sidewalk).

Renewing a Colorado driver’s license is pretty easy, so another idea I’ve entertained won’t get much attention: ban auto insurance unless you require the minimum liability insurance. Then many may panic and drive out of their minds. I’m getting to that point. Despite the sincere efforts of the State Patrol, the state is a no-show for me on the road. I could even call the National Guard. hey I see the clear and present danger to life and limb. Until all drivers have a “come to Jesus” experience or are responsible (as their insurance policies and licenses require), we are all driving in a war zone – or a minefield. The only question is not if the body shop will rush, but “when.”

Next, the state can improve the point system. Now 12 points can get you out of the way. Points accumulate 2, 3, 4 at a time. Don’t bother me! A first offense and conviction (or guilty/“nolo plea” plea) must mean 11 points. That way the shock rides behind the wheel, any more damage means RTD for a while. I wouldn’t wish this on Vladimir Putin.

It should not be this way.

There is an option. If filling streets with police mercy lights in Longmont succeeds, if it’s necessary to hire at least three more municipal court judges, if drivers believe they’ll be around to get a summons, maybe we can turn this stagecoach around. But there is no plea bargain! His word will be honored.

We can take a few cars off the road. Permanently. I’d like anyone to agree that it’s not a bad thing.

Among other professional pursuits, Greg Ewan was a Colorado Certified General Real Estate Appraiser. He served as a volunteer site finder for Denver Habitat for Humanity and holds a master’s degree in urban and regional planning.

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