Opinion: Israel-Gaza war: how Biden’s approach is hurting America’s reputation

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In this context, the Biden administration will immediately cut its annual US$3.8 billion in military aid to Israel. They promised to deliver. The Netanyahu government needs no military assistance to exercise its right to self-defense.
Within days, the United States sent weapons and naval carriers to support Israel. An additional $2 billion in US funding was made to help replenish Israel’s stockpile of enemies. Iron Dome missile defense systemcannon and other ammunition.

The impact of Israel’s massive military operation on Gaza over the past seven weeks has become clear.

An air, land and sea blockade has cut off food, electricity and water to Gaza after Israel launched a relentless aerial bombardment. Land offensive Against Hamas. These are a A dire humanitarian situation In densely populated Gaza.

According to the United Nations, 67 percent of the more than 14,000 people killed in Gaza are believed to be women and children, 70 percent of the population has been displaced, and Gaza’s health system has collapsed.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration has used its diplomatic power to call for a cease-fire in the United Nations Security Council. Rejected Although he later changed his position and decided to stop for humanity He was elevated. is it.
On November 24, a Four days humanitarian leave It started between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. The potentially shaky deal, brokered by Qatar, Egypt and the US, was signed in 2015. 50 release 150 Palestinian women and children held in Israeli prisons have been kidnapped by Hamas in order to free them.


Palestinian death toll in Israel-Hamas war tops 10,000, Gaza death toll draws attention

Palestinian death toll in Israel-Hamas war tops 10,000, Gaza death toll draws attention

of Influence Biden’s strong support for Israel’s brutal war on Gaza should be seen in next year’s presidential election. But outside the US, there are strong reasons to believe that America’s international leadership has been seriously damaged.

First, while there is no compelling reason for Hamas’s shocking attack on Israel, it is clear that such an attack did not come out of the blue, as the Biden administration claims. It is no secret that the Palestinians’ desire for political autonomy in the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem has been under Israeli occupation for over 50 years.

Repeated warnings by US presidents about continued expansion Illegal Israeli settlements In areas like the West Bank, it was inconsistent with the two-state solution to the conflict in Tel Aviv, especially during the Netanyahu years.


Xi Jinping has called for a ceasefire in Gaza, saying a two-state solution is the only option to achieve lasting regional peace.

Xi Jinping has called for a ceasefire in Gaza, saying a two-state solution is the only option to achieve lasting regional peace.

Second, Biden’s carte blanche support for Israel’s right to self-defense undermines the administration’s commitment to international law.

Washington’s claim to respect international humanitarian law is seen as diplomatic cover for US complicity in the Netanyahu government’s mass execution of civilians in Gaza.

Israel’s right to self-defense is not unlimited, and Biden’s claim that America’s aid to Israel is comparable to its aid to the otherwise democratic Ukraine is unconvincing. Critics point out that Israel is the controlling power while Ukraine is defending against the occupying power.

Third, it is troubling that the Biden administration has shown little reluctance to fully support Netanyahu’s highly militarized approach to the Hamas terror threat.

According to the great strategist Carl von Clausewitz, no decision-maker should engage in war without a clear political objective. However, Netanyahu’s government appears to have nothing but the complete destruction of Hamas.

It is not clear that Hamas will collapse after seven weeks of war. How many more innocent Palestinians must die before the mission is realized or abandoned?

There is little to suggest that Netanyahu is trying to advance the war. A two-state political solution As the Biden administration began promoting.

The Israel-Gaza War: A Two-State, Two-Economy Solution Still Possible?

Fourth, the Biden administration’s unconditional support for Netanyahu’s war has ensured a strategic windfall for America’s adversaries.

Supported by many authoritarian governments such as China and Russia Global SouthThey managed to embarrass America by demanding an end to the carnage in Gaza.
In addition, Iran’s repressive clerical regime and its armed allies HezbollahThey have been given an opportunity to position themselves as advocates for the Palestinians in the still-expanding conflict between Israel and Hamas.

If Biden wants America to remain relevant in international affairs, he will need to adopt a more balanced approach between Israel’s security interests and the Palestinians’ long-term statehood.

In this sense, Biden may reflect on what President John F. Kennedy said 60 years ago: “If all nations refrained from interfering in the self-determination of others, peace would be more assured.”

Robert G. Pattman is a specialist in international relations and international relations at the University of Otago.

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