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as if Clarence Crawford

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In the year On Nov. 15, ADN published this quote from Lt. Col. Nancy Dahlstrom: “She sees how DC politicians betray Alaska every day. In Congress, I will stop Biden and the radical liberals who are destroying our future, bankrupting our families, killing our jobs, harming our military and veterans, and endangering our security. And this is from Senator Dan Sullivan, published on October 8, in his comments about the construction of our pipeline: “The vast southern border is pushing thousands of fentanyl drugs. The price of energy is increasing. On every front, the Biden administration seems determined to shut down our country.

Dahlstrom and Sullivan speak the same language of exaggeration and distortion. Our southern border has always been a challenge for every president and is not “wide open” (and President Joe Biden is spending the last wall construction money as required by law). Energy prices are a response to international pressures (and domestic oil and gas production increased during the Biden administration); And the Biden administration has not decided to “shut down” our country, whatever that means. (Let’s try to imagine how Biden can hurt us in his spare time.)

On the contrary, Willow was approved, and the Biden/Democrat-led infrastructure bill will bring an unprecedented influx of money to our state. Federal highway funding drives a large portion of our construction industry, as do improvements to our airports, again from the feds. More than 30% of Alaska’s state budget is federal money. The feds have budgeted $18.6 billion in Alaska by 2021, which is $25,170 per person. Dahlstrom doesn’t know this, but she should. “DC politicians are betraying Alaska every day. As one of the 435 members of the House, she thinks she can crack the whip and bring those evil politicians to line.

For Sullivan and Dahlstrom, it is useful to recognize that the 38.8 million registered Republican voters are inherently less righteous than the 49 million Democratic voters and are surrounded not by enemies but by citizens. Angry partisan language may be emotionally satisfying, if that’s to your taste, but it doesn’t convey reality. The people of Bristol Bay have made it clear for decades that they do not want to be put at risk by the Pebble project, yet the Dunleavy/Dahlstrom administration values ​​promoting a Canadian mining company over serving its own citizens. Similarly, the people of the interior of Alaska have made it clear that they do not want to live with a stream of large trucks on their roads, nor do they want the state to spend money to operate that traffic, but Dunlevy/Dahlstrom put a higher price on foreign mining companies than they do on their own citizens. These are just a few examples of how Dunlevy/Dahlstrom failed to deliver on the citizens they were elected to serve. Really, “Who’s betraying Alaska?” who is it?

Dahlstrom has not read the economic reports on positive national jobs and economic growth, nor has she noticed Biden’s clear support for our military, which to her is very insensitive. You don’t seem to know that next November’s election is fraught with danger, even if you follow our election. Instead of making bogus claims about how “DC politicians are betraying Alaskans every day,” it would be reassuring if the woman leading our election would make a clear statement about stolen ballots and election security, as Kevin Meyer did in 2020. Dahlstrom should make it clear that she separates herself from the election frenzy that has consumed many states, but her statement is the opposite. Dahlstrom and Sullivan should be making clear statements about the candidate who really threatens us, but it’s Trump, not Biden. An angry separation does no one any good.

Sullivan never misses an opportunity to call attention to his military service and support for the military, and so I suggest that his superiors and superiors, like General James Mattis and General Mark Miley, General John F. Kelly, Trump’s former chief of staff, and several other senior military leaders recognize that the main threat to the United States is Donald Trump, not Joe Biden. Our own Navy Reserve should have the courage to do so. (On second thought, it shouldn’t take courage to tell the truth.) Still, Sullivan said he would support any Republican candidate, including Trump.

Dahlstrom says Biden has hurt our troops and veterans. But it’s Trump who denigrated the torture and imprisonment of John McCain in Hanoi, it’s Trump who calls wounded veterans “losers,” and it’s Trump who has no respect for the military. Why is Dahlstrom opposed to Biden over Trump?

Since Trump appears to be the presumptive Republican nominee for president, and both Sullivan and Dahlstrom hate Biden, we must conclude that they both support Trump, which contradicts and precisely contradicts their support for the military and veterans. What do our senior military leaders recommend? Worrying about Biden and ignoring Trump is perverse.

We are fortunate to have two reasonable, level-headed, moderate and educated representatives in Washington, DC – Senator Lisa Murkowski and Representative Mary Peltola. It is vital that we keep Peltolan there next November.

Clarence Crawford He is a longtime Anchorage resident and plans to live out his life here with his wife. Their children and grandchildren were born in Alaska and live in Anchorage.

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