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Today at 12:01 pm

LeBron Hill

A staff photo shows the Olivia Ross/A Greyhound bus stopping at the Billis Truck Stop in Wildwood, Ga., Thursday, Nov. 16, 2023. Greyhound has moved its bus shelter from East 12th Street in Chattanooga City of Chattanooga 30-day notice to vacate. The city wants to buy the property from CARTA, a low-income shelter for people experiencing homelessness.

Creating low barrier shelters for people experiencing homelessness is a good idea. why? Because it provides resources to people who are vulnerable, at risk or in need.

Having a bus stop in our city is a good idea. why? Therefore, people can travel within the region or within the country through affordable means of transportation.

City officials seem to believe we have to choose between the two.

The city recently announced plans to put a low-barrier shelter on East 12th Street — similar to the Greyhound bus shelter that CARTA owned for years.

Then just two weeks ago, Greyhound pulled out of the East 12th Street area after the city gave it 30 days notice.



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