Opinion: Period predicament

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When I have period pain, the last thing on my mind is what topic is covered in class. Instead I go home and lie down in bed counting the minutes until the red devil torments my body and calms down.

Unfortunately for me and everyone else with periods, the University of Minnesota does not consider periods as an excused absence.

he said A list of legal excuses For missed class, and when illness is listed, periods are not considered as excused absences. Professors can determine what is not excused at any time.

The penalty for a missing class is extreme and can damage a person’s class. This is not something that any student takes lightly, which is why many students who get their periods push the pain away.

My friends in class would walk up to random people and ask them if they had Midol or Ibuprofen when their cramps were really bad. I brought a heating pad to the room to help ease my pain during my period. It’s just what a person has to do to get through the day.

A new study shows a link between menstrual pain and loss of productivity in the workplace and schools. Researchers surveyed Dutch women Among women aged 15 to 45, menstrual cramps cost nearly nine days of lost productivity per year. Young women under the age of 21 were approx. It can be three times more than their older colleagues who have to take time off due to menstrual symptoms.

“There were times when it was. [having her period] It was especially challenging in the colder months, and the finals were approaching,” said third-year university student Let Jin. “It was hard to get up, walk to class and sit in class when he had cramps. It became another burden on my mind and body.

People don’t have to grin and bear it when they’re in pain. Lack of recognition of menstrual problems is nothing new. Women’s pain is often underestimated or dismissed.

Research shows that women with chronic pain They are more likely to be perceived as emotional, forceful, or accusatory, while their male counterparts are perceived as “stoic.” Women’s physical ailments are often associated with this Psychological causes.

Just because periods are normal doesn’t mean they’re easy. People can experience it Physical symptoms Such as headache, dizziness and cramps as well Emotional symptoms such as depression, difficulty concentrating or struggling with sleep.

Women are expected to cope with the struggles of their bodies and continue with their daily lives. The norm is to get over the pain because it’s something that people born biologically have to deal with throughout their lives.

“I guess I’ll get rid of my pain, get some pain meds and call one day,” Jin said.

When I’m on my period, I always make sure I have extra Advil in my bag to make sure I can sit in the room. I could always reach out to my professors, but the fact that professors can evaluate disease on a case-by-case basis creates more opportunity.

Countries like Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, China and Taiwan have all adopted it. Period leave policies. Universities should follow this precedent and allow students the same grace regarding their menstrual issues.

People aren’t skipping class because they don’t value their education. People miss lessons and are penalized for not responding properly to the messages their body is sending them.

Having something in writing is more subjective than letting the professor’s wishes determine whether something is an excused absence. The university should add periods to the list of legitimate excuses. Seasons drag, and adding school to that dynamic is extra torture.

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