Opinion | Take away your kids’ smartphones. Blame the Editorial Board.

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Welcome to the family, Vlad!

“Calvin Trillin, Calvin Trillin, Calvin Trillin!” reads the most popular comment in Monday’s column. Calvin Trillinthe American humorist and longtime New Yorker contributor, roughly ninety-nine and three-quarters percent of the other comments express similar delight at Trilline’s strange appearance.

Here is a post to share some exciting family news.He is probably – no, definitely – related to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. After all, Trilin’s father was born in Ukraine, and Trilin and Zelensky are both below average.

“Did he say enough?” Trilline asks. “No? Well, there’s another.”

I’ll let you decide if Trilline’s “real clincher” is enough to convince you that “Aunt Vlad” is in fact a relationship. If you disagree, know that you will have to fight some interesting commenters. In the case of Trilin’s Gamer, more than a few of their inspirations decided they were related.

Chaser: Another similarity: Zelensky himself was a funny man, of course, before he became president. last year, Kathleen Parker He described him as a “modern martial artist”.

To restore democracy, reform it.

What is the biggest threat to our democracy?

Of course, there is the re-election of former President Donald Trump. EJ Dion Says many people in the media They are correctly identified as a hazard. It’s hard to listen to his vision for fascist vengeance and not conclude as much.

What gets less attention, as EJ writes, is that the Supreme Court in The EJ will review the Court of Appeal’s decision just last week, which will include further retrogression.

Perry Bacon He throws it on a dangerous pile Another list of anti-democratic forces: Electoral College, Senate, gerrymandering, uncontrolled campaign spending, etc.

But one more meta problem? How do we discuss it all? “I worry that we now have a lot of vague democracy talk,” Perry wrote.

He explained that it is easy to call “the things we like” and “the things we don’t like anti-democratic” as “democratic”. To have more effective conversations about reform, Perry says, people need to define exactly what they mean by democracy.

He leads the way by listing all the things – majority rule, more proportional representation, more political equality – democracy means to him.

from Colby Kings A column explaining Trump They didn’t need the black vote to win again in 2024. He just wants those voters to stay home, as many did when given the chance to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Trump knows this (Colby quoted him as saying at a 2016 victory rally, “They didn’t come out. And that was huge — so thank you to the African American community”), but what about President Biden? What about the need for “someone who can’t understand that he’s not Obama”?

Chaser: Alex McCammond It was explained last week Why did RFK Jr. Campaign appeals to many black voters.

Children! Run! Quick! in the past Editorial Board Takes your phone’s privileges!

On the other hand, if you want a chance to do better in school, avoid cyberbullying, and practice better mental health, maybe put away those phones.

The board said that various schools and districts have banned the use of the devices and are ready to take a broader action: “There is a complete ban on bringing cell phones to school and parents should accept and support them.”

A lot of data shows the potential advantages and few disadvantages of this plan. You can have a lot of interesting phone calls, even on screens – haven’t today’s kids ever typed 80,085 into a calculator? But, more importantly, there seems to be some learning that can only happen without them.

He said goodbye. It’s a haiku. He is… Bai-ku.

Not very accurate screen time.

Have your own news haiku? Email me, with any questions / comments / ambiguities. Goodbye!

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