OPINION: Tingley Beach: Sightseeing walk of ABQ

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Looking for a place for a peaceful walk here in Albuquerque? Look south of Central Avenue where Tingley Beach lives.

Tingley Beach is a recreational destination in ABQ, home to a number of national attractions – from parks to picnics, hiking trails, and fishing and boating pools.

The park covers kilometers of forest. There are two trails: one for walkers and pedestrians and the other mainly for cyclists. If you want an extra mile you can find yourself on the forest road.

Nature and landscape consists of beautiful oak trees – more than 31 species. The most commonly seen are trees such as Kanbi oak and Iranian oak, according to the city’s website.

Bosque ponds are mainly inhabited by ducks, and birds such as common goldeneyes or Canada geese and great blue herons occasionally roost in the ponds. There are many plaques in the park to help spot and identify the birds.

However, it is not encouraged to approach wild animals. Other animals may be seen at Tingley Beach, such as coyotes, but only from a safe distance. Tingley Beach has its own rules and regulations regarding how to interact with or interact with the wildlife.

Tingley Beach can be the perfect place for a gathering, or even if you just want to be alone and take a walk.

Kat Gomez is a freelance reporter with the Daily Lobo. They can be reached at culture@dailylobo.com or on Twitter @DailyLobo.

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