Opinion | ‘We Don’t Want to Let It Go’: A Family Farm in Ireland Prevails

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Pastoralism has fascinated us since childhood. We both came from families with agricultural roots, but we grew up in the city. This curiosity brought us to Achill Island, off the west coast of Ireland; There the sheep graze in the pasture.

In a vast peat bog in this corner of the world, 14-year-old Sian and 78-year-old Martin stood side by side, surrounded by more than 100 sheep. “Away! Get over it!” they yell at the seemingly out-of-control dog in turn. Sian prefers to spend the summer playing soccer with his friends, but Martin, an aging farmer, realizes it’s the right time to introduce his grandson to work on the farm.

Here, we follow Sean’s introduction to ranching closely as the teenager questions what his future holds and becomes interested in the work of his homeland. This documentary shows the patience and compassion it takes to pass down a craft from one generation to the next.

Lucien Roux and Matthias Julad Both filmmakers are from Grenoble, a city in the Alps region of France.

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