Our opinion: Not enough funds for ‘rainy day’

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898 million dollars in deposits in the state government “Rainy Day” Fund, reported by Center Square, is a step in the right direction.

But it is a small step.

The 2022-23 budget is close to $45 billion — about $900 million more than the current budget. The budget fails to take into account a court order for the state to restructure how Pennsylvania’s public schools are funded. The state government continues to avoid substantive discussions about future pension obligations.

And so, it’s clear to us that Pennsylvania needs to cut costs.

We believe that unnecessary spending must absolutely be cut and that the state must have an open discussion about reducing funding even for programs and initiatives that have historically received state funding. “important”

Our region must be competitive in attracting development and employers from other regions – whether from neighboring regions or from the south and west.

Future tax increases cannot solve the current poor plan. Losing jobs and families to tax increases in five or six or seven years is only possible for states willing to face the realities of big, difficult government and ever-increasing government spending as a failing philosophy.

We want our state officials to recognize these fundamental concerns — in five or six or seven years. We want our state leaders to work with budget prudence and responsibility to grow our state for future growth, not for future failure.

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