Palestinians don’t need deradicalization. They need better lives.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls on questions about how to manage Gaza after the war Contempt of its inhabitants.

It’s not necessary and it won’t work for a simple reason: most Palestinians are not extremists. Gazans do not need rehabilitation; They need economic opportunity and their own territory.

Terrorism emerged as a counter-terrorism strategy in the 1990s and became widely accepted in the US after 9/11. As the global war on terror continues, America has learned that killing extremists cannot stop terrorism if the ideology that inspired it persists. Hundreds of promises ISIS In the year Fighters returning to Europe after the fall of Raqqa in 2017 renewed interest in hate speech.

It refers to deradicalization Techniques It has been used to reverse the process of radicalization, in other words, to convince extremists to reject their ideology.

Saudi Arabia He pioneered work with Al Qaeda and ISIS prisoners. The program focused on religious education to convince prisoners that radical Islam is a perversion of the true religion. For that reason, Sheikh Abdullah bin BayahJudge of the High Court of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania Published In the year In 2014, “This is not the way to heaven is the answer to ISIS” in 2014. The book presents a theological rejection of the jihadist ideology.

As a small number of Americans join al-Qaeda or ISIS, the US has tried to de-radicalize.

When 10 young Somali-Americans were arrested in 2016, a federal court in Minnesota He created a program to rehabilitate them. District Judge Michael Davis invited the head of Daniel Koehler German Institute for Radicalization and De-Radicalization Studies To assess the suitability of each defendant for the program and then to help train Americans to implement it.

While many governments and organizations focus on the Islamist threat, some seek to counter the threat posed by far-right extremists. In the year It was founded in 2011 by former white supremacists in America Life after hatea group “dedicated to helping individuals leave violent far-right hate groups and hateful online spaces.”

European governments and the EU have also created deradicalisation programmes. of the United Kingdom Prevention program It seeks to identify and intervene early in the radicalization process to deter youth from becoming a terrorist. European Union Radicalization Awareness Network “It brings together frontline professionals from across Europe. . . To share knowledge, first-hand experience and methods to prevent and counter violent extremism.

The effectiveness of deradicalization has been greatly debated.

Programs like Life After Addiction operate like Alcoholics Anonymous: they ask participants to admit they have a problem. Also, Department of Homeland Security Report He pointed out that the lack of reliable data on deradicalization and controlled studies greatly hinders the evaluation of the effectiveness of deradicalization programs.

however, Evidence He suggests that programs work best for those who have not committed serious crimes and are considering leaving radicalism. A young Somali-American from Minnesota has been arrested for trying to join ISIS. They haven’t hurt anyone yet. Judge Davis later explained that he introduced him to the program he created for them. Displacement, not deradicalization. He wanted to change their attitudes, not their attitudes.

Deradicalization programs are also labor intensive and expensive. You can convince someone that they are following the wrong theology, but you cannot convince them that they are not really poor and marginalized.

The idea that 2.2 million Gazans can be de-sexed is nonsense, but it is not.

They don’t need it.

Hamas has embraced violent extremism, but most Palestinians have not.

Fifty Charter “Israel exists and will exist until Islam destroys it,” he said. It also links Hamas to the Muslim Brotherhood, the group that spawned al-Qaeda. Hamas seeks not only to destroy Israel, but to replace it with an ultra-conservative Islamic State.

What do the Palestinians want?

Contrary to the Netanyahu government’s claims, most Palestinians do not support Hamas or reject its ideology.

A survey In a poll conducted before the current conflict, 44 percent of Gazans said they had “no trust” in Hamas, and another 23 percent said they had “a lot of trust in Hamas.” 72 percent said there is a “great” or “moderate” level of corruption in the Hamas government.

Only 20 percent of Gazans support “a military solution that could lead to the destruction of the state of Israel,” while 54 percent support the two-state solution outlined in the two countries. The Oslo Accords.

Above all, the residents of Gaza want relief from the terrible living conditions imposed by the Israelis Gaza blockadeMore than 15 years old. Even Before the Israeli occupationTwo-thirds of Gazans lived in poverty, and 80 percent of Gazans depended on international aid. Gaza had an employment rate of 45 percent, the highest in the world.

Since the start of the war, the situation in Gaza has gone from dire to desperate. As of 2011 United Nations agency for humanitarian affairs, 45 percent of the housing stock was destroyed or severely damaged. About 1.5 million people have been displaced. Eighteen hospitals had to close, and five others could only provide very limited services.

Despite the compelling evidence Kasam Brigade (Hamas’ armed wing) did not inform the political leadership of its plans, and some Israeli politicians claim that all Palestinians are responsible for the attacks.

Human rights activists are worried speechAccording to Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant, the statement that “we are fighting human animals” dehumanizes Palestinians and encourages violence against them.

This statement shows that Israel has its own problem with extremism. A Combination The far-right religious Zionists won 14 seats in the last Knesset election. That number may seem small, but with Israel’s fractured politics, Netanyahu has been able to include extremists in his coalition and form a government.

A sight of strong young people walking around the old city Jerusalem The cry of “Death to the Arabs” in May should serve as a warning that Hamas is not the only extremist threat Israel faces.

Every society has extremists and only moderates in a society can deal with them.

Tom Mockaits is a professor of history at DePaul University and an author.Violent Extremism: Understanding the Domestic and International Terrorist ThreatHe said.

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