Parsha Studio: Salt Circuit Yaakov Science Experiment

0 26 presents a weekly series from creative minds at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Crown Heights. Parsha Studio explores Parsha through crafts, painting, science experiments and culinary art. This week: Salt Circuit Yaakov Science Experiment for Vayishlach. Full story, video

Hello boys and girls, welcome back to Parsha Studio Science Edition!

In Parshas Vaishlach we learn about the story of Yaakov Avinu and his preparations for a possible battle with Esav. What we can learn from Yaakov’s actions is that even though he knew Hashem was with him, he did not trust in miracles and did his part to prepare for the worst.

Today we will begin a project to create a salt circuit based on the image of the three paths that Yaakov set out to meet Esav. Our goal is to turn on the LED light using the circuit made of salt.

Simply put, a circuit is the path taken by an electric current. It starts from the energy source and moves to the object that needs energy. In this project we want to turn on the LED light. To achieve this, we use salt to move energy from the battery to the light. Salt is conductive, which means that an electric current can flow through it like a wire.


Printed template

Battery pack

2 AA batteries

Colored chalk

LED light



2 paper clips

4 plastic plates

Paper knife

Links to special items –


Sprinkle some salt on each of the 4 plates.

Sprinkle the salt with blue, yellow and red chalk

Squeeze the glue on the outline of the book.

Sprinkle blue salt over it and shake off the excess.

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with sword – yellow salt, lamb – white salt

Use a paper knife to cut extra rubber around the wires

Wrap the battery pack wires around paper clips and secure them with tape. Then attach them to the paper shown.

Insert 2 AA batteries into the battery pack.

Pour glue on the curved lines, leaving some space between them, and pour on the paper clips

Pour the red salt and shake off the excess

Bend the wires of the LED light until they are completely flat.

Stick the LED light wires between the 2 lines.

If it doesn’t try to take it out and put it in another way, your LED light should be on.

We’d love to see how your project turned out! Tag @jewishchildrensmuseum on social media or WhatsApp 718-907-8861.

Get ready for next week’s activity. you need

Provisions for next week





Baking powder



Any knife

Printed Template – Dreidel Tracers

Clear the tape


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