Podcast: America’s political orphans

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Former Congressman Scott Klug was horrified earlier this year when a couple placed him in the grain aisle of a local grocery store. The same thing happened earlier that week on the movie theater line. The first Kevin McCarthy fiasco was driving Wisconsin voters to despair.

The first couple were Democrats. The Theater Man Republican. Their questions were expressed with the same frustration.

“Who elected these people? They told us that Republicans are running across the country to ban middle school textbooks and Democrats are trying to take the stove out of my kitchen.

Those conversations prompted the one-time TV journalist to return to both his journalistic roots, and more importantly, his political roots.

In the year In 1990, he ran for a term as a moderate Republican champion and surprisingly ended a 32-year term as a Democrat. During his eight years in Congress, he set the third-highest independent voting record in Wisconsin politics in the last 50 years.

He went as promised.

In late September, he launched a podcast to shine a spotlight on the often-overlooked center of politics. “Lost in the Middle: America’s Political Orphans” highlights what he describes as seventy-one million confused, disillusioned voters.

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“The podcast was born,” Kluge recently told Madison magazine, “out of a feeling that the general American public, myself included, couldn’t figure out how the hell we got to this point.” And most importantly, do we have a way out of it? “

His early episodes received positive reviews in the political arena. “A hell of a lot of fun; great storytelling,” wrote former Buffalo-area Republican Congressman Jack Quinn. “A breath of fresh air in a very toxic world,” wrote California Democratic pollster Paul Maslin. “Here’s a nice break from it all.” Please visit the creators to read more www.LostMiddle.com.

Understand that this is not a political speech. These are long journalism segments like 60 Minutes or a 20/20 segment.

“In the new Kevin McCarthy Trainwreck, I think your readers will be surprised by Kevin McCarthy’s own thoughts,” Klug said. “We interviewed him in our first episode. Oh, that’s not Kevin McCarthy,” he said with a laugh.

“Kevin McCarthy is a county board member and radio DJ we interviewed about the first class of politics in Rockford, Illinois, a savvy little bellwether who has voted for the winning presidential candidate in seven of the last eight elections.”

Today we are presenting the first story to our readers. We will be offering new episodes in the coming weeks.

Here is a brief description of the first part

Part One: America’s 71 Confused Political Orphans.

44% of voters describe themselves as centrists, but why is no one listening? But we do, we’ve got a ton of them in Rockford, Illinois, a blue-collar town that has voted for the winning president in 7 of the last 8 elections. Focus group guru Frank Luntz talks about what he calls consensus voices. And finally, we’ll tell you about the bipartisan speaker election in Columbus, Ohio.


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