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John Caldara

Yes, the Colorado Republican Party can be completely dysfunctional and embarrassing. It has what many call “ultra-right wing”, or “alt-right” elements.

And you don’t care because it doesn’t matter.

No story is bigger than Republican infighting in Colorado. How could it exist? They have no political significance. nothing else. They are the minority. Democrats control the state’s executive branch of government, the judiciary, and, oh boy, the state legislature.

There’s a real story in town and it’s getting harder and harder to suppress. It is the growing civil war within the alt-left that is running our state.

Rumors of a completely shameful and closed-door rift within the Colorado Democratic Party are already legendary. But now the damage is spilling out for all to see.

With at least six members of the Democratic Socialists of America in their ranks and many supporters in the Legislature, there appears to be a new Stalin-like mischief echoing through the halls of the state capitol.

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Like the MAGA supporters who ransacked Nancy Pelosi’s office wearing buffalo horns, these people can’t contain themselves. But the slight difference here is that these opponents are also our legislators.

Just in time for our own stressful family Thanksgiving dinner, we had a special legislative session on “property tax relief.” But they turned our Tabor refund into a farcical show following the socialist redistribution of our money.

There has been incredible pressure on conservatives from all walks of life in media, academia, Hollywood, and the political elite to condemn the right-wing MAGA crowd who claim Trump’s election was stolen.

That is, we should call out conservatives for bad behavior.

How strange, then, that when liberals and progressives see their group behaving badly, they have little incentive to do the same.

Do a Google keyword search for a fun starting point. Search for terms like “far-right Republican” and you’ll have at least three to four times more hits than “far-left Democrat.” If you’re looking for “alt-right” and “alt-left” (also try the “news” section).

Those cultural pillars (media, academia, Hollywood) think it’s pretty breezy to label people on the right as extremists, but there are very few extremists on the left.

Anyone else find this weird?

How is primary state Rep. Tim Hernandez not labeled as far-left? The tables in the State House room have the Colorado and American flags on them. It makes sense that our state representatives are sworn in to both the Colorado and US Constitutions. Hernandez tore up the American flag to replace the Palestinian flag. This is the same man who refuses to condemn Hamas’ attacks on Israel.

Isn’t state representative Elizabeth Epps alt-left? She took to the House floor to go on a 45-minute anti-Semitic tirade about the genocide in Gaza, what about food stamps.

The fun didn’t stop there, as Epps then took to the gallery to join the Palestinian resistance. When you take a Jewish colleague to the floor of the House and say something you don’t like, he yells from the balcony, “It’s out of order.” Often, the Speaker calls the House to recess so that she can leave.

Yes, a myth but we see it played out in all Colorado governments like the Denver City Council and school boards.

The underlying theme is that Democratic adults in Colorado refuse to rein in their ultra-left-wing children.

The biggest issue, of course, is that Governor Jared Polis, during the Proposition HH campaign, made it clear that he did not want TABOR refunds to be used for income redistribution. You know, socialism. In a televised debate, he said, “Let’s cut the tax season instead of continuing to hand out more and more money.”

But the bills sent to him now only give TABOR refunds to those who paid far less, if anything, in taxes than they paid.

If true to his word, the police should challenge these accounts.

But if five years of government policy has proven anything, it’s that he can’t stand his party’s violent alt-left, many of whom are now openly disliking Jews like him.

John Caldara is president of the Liberty Institute in Denver and hosts “Devil’s Advocate with John Caldara” on Colorado Public Television Channel 12. His column appears Sunday in Colorado Politics.

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