Politics class: Sunak pledges to change the law after Supreme Court rules against Rwanda policy

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  • AQA Unit Judiciary: The role of the Supreme Court and its influence on government, legislative and policy processes

  • Edexcel Unit 2 (UK Government): 4.1: The Supreme Court and its relationship to and influence on the legislative and policy-making process

Background: What you need to know

This article is about the UK Supreme Court’s ruling on the Sunak government’s plan to take asylum seekers to Rwanda. The court stated that they may be at risk of returning from Rwanda to their country of origin. Immigration is a totemic issue for right-wing conservatives. They pressed the UK to continue against the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights. However, the Supreme Court decision is based not only on the ECHR, but also on the UN Convention on Refugees.

Sunak proposed negotiations with Rwanda, where parliament would vote, address Supreme Court concerns, and allow kidnapping flights to begin. However, this seems unlikely to happen before the general election, and Labor has said it will scrap the policy if elected next year.

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Sunak vowed to change the law as the Supreme Court overruled the Rwandan policy.

Question in AQA Politics Paper Style 1

Question in Edexcel Politics Paper Style 2

  • Assess the view that the Supreme Court has a significant influence on the UK legislative and policy-making process.

    In your answer you should draw on relevant knowledge and understanding of the study of Unit 1: UK Politics and Main Political Ideas. You should consider this view and the alternative view in a balanced way. [30 marks]

    Tip: A discussion of other significant Supreme Court cases can be found here: b Shamima Begum ‘Jihadi Bride’ Citizenship Case (2021) and b Scotland’s independence referendum decision (2022)

Graham Goodlad, Portsmouth High School

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