Politics latest news: Kemi Badenoch pushing for ‘strongest measures possible’ to curb migration

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Rishi Sunak hailed the student visa scheme, which would allow top achievers from around the world to come to the UK with their families for two years.

Speaking at the Global Investment Summit at Hampton Court this morning, the Prime Minister said: “We do not have a monopoly on talent in this country. And we recognize that half of our most innovative companies have an immigrant founder.

“So if you’re an innovator, an entrepreneur, a researcher, you need to know that the most competitive regime scheme for highly skilled international talent is right here in the UK.

“Let me give you an example. Our new High Potential Individual Visa means that if you’re a young graduate from an international top 50 university, you can come to the UK and stay here for two years just to explore, work, study, invent your family. There is nothing like it anywhere in the world.

“And that tells you everything about our pro-innovation, pro-growth, pro-business philosophy.”

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