Prisco’s Week 12 NFL picks: Jags beat Texans in AFC South showdown, Saints get key divisional win vs. Falcons

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I did it. I made it over 500 for the season selection NFL games With the expansion. Let’s celebrate.

It’s been a big climb for a few weeks. But after going 8-6 last week, I’m now at 80-78-6 for the season. let go. I went 10-4 straight last week to improve that mark to 99-65 for the season.

We have all 32 teams playing this week which means it will be a tougher challenge than in recent weeks.

Regardless, I like the card. It’s Thanksgiving week, and I have a lot to be thankful for, but you’ll thank me next week.

Here’s an 11-5 week ATS and a 12-4 week straight.

Thursday, 12:30 pm ET (Fox, Fubo)

This is a big game for both teams in the division, a survival test for Green Bay and a big game for the Lions if they want to try and gain home field advantage in the conference. The Lions have had issues late and defensively Jordan love He played well the last two weeks. That keeps the Packers in this game, but the Lions win.

Select: Lions 31, Packers 27 (Result: Riders 29, Lions 22)

Thursday, 4:30 pm ET (CBS, Paramount+)

The commanders are coming to the protest last week GiantsWhile Dallas was flying high. The Cowboys are playing like any other team in the league. Washington’s offensive line is the issue, making the Cowboys have a field day against the defensive front. Dak Prescott. Plays well again. Cowboys roll.

Select: Cowboys 32, Chiefs 16 (Result: (Cowboys 45-10).

Thursday, 8:20 p.m. (NBC, Fubo)

This game is a big game of the division for two teams who have had a good rivalry in the last decade. The Seahawks are coming off a bad loss RamsThe 49ers have two major victories coming. Geno Smith He’s broke, so his health is key. The 49ers have the look of a super team again. Here they show.

Select: 49ers 28, Seahawks 19 (Result: (49ers 31-13)

Friday, 3:00 p.m.Amazon Prime Video)

The Jets are not expected to be an offensive disaster this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. The Jets defense is coming off a bad performance against Buffalo, and will be tested here by the Dolphins. Tim Boyle He’ll start at quarterback for the Jets, but will he matter? Even so, I think it’s close to the Jets defense.

Select: Dolphins 21, Jets 16Result: Dolphins 34-13)

Sunday, 1 p.m. (Fox, Fubo)

This is a big game as the only team with a .500 record is the Saints. Both teams are coming off a healthy streak, but the Saints have some injury problems. The quarterback situation is not good for the Falcons, which is why I think the Saints will win behind the defense.

Select: Saints 24, Falcons 20

Sunday, 1 p.m. (CBS, Paramount+)

Without the Bengals Joe Burrow It will be a different team. Jake Browning It starts, but we have no idea what it can do. The steel protection is good. We know that. The Steelers fired offensive coordinator Matt Canada this week to keep the offense going. Kenny Pickett He should play better now. It will be here when the Steelers take him.

Select: Steelers 23, Bengals 21

Sunday, 1 p.m. (CBS, Paramount+)

That’s first place in the division, the Texans owning the Jaguars in recent years, winning 10 of 11 earlier this year. But the Jaguars got back on track last week and Trevor Lawrence He played well. That continues here as the Jaguars take command of the division.

Select: Jaguars 27, Texans 23

If you want a more analytical approach to you NFL picksthen I highly recommend watching it. Sports line prediction model, burned down this year. If you want to know which side to bet on for each game in Week 12, check it out.

Sunday, 1 p.m. (CBS, Paramount+)

The Bucs are playing their second straight road game, while the Colts are welcome. It’s a big edge for the Colts. However, I think the Bucs have the better team Baker Mayfield It plays well in this. Gardner Minshew no way. The Bucs will win, even if they do some defensively.

Select: Bucks 30, Col 21

Sunday, 1 p.m. (Fox, Fubo)

These are the two lowest teams in the league, both with a quarterback problem. Tommy DeVito He played well for the Giants last week, but Bill Belichick has had a lot of success with starting pitchers. The Patriots’ situation is not good either, but I think the Patriots will find a way to overcome this.

Select: Patriots 21, Giants 17

Sunday, 1 p.m. (Fox, Fubo)

This is the dog play of the week, featuring two rookie pass rushers struggling behind a bad line. Brice Young And Will Lewis Sometimes they were brutalized. What is supposed to change here? The Titans defense is better, so they get the best of what should be an ugly game.

Select: Titans 23, Panthers 12

Sunday, 4:05 p.m. (Fox, Fubo)

The Rams are coming off a comeback win over the Seahawks, the Cardinals lost a tough one in Texas last week. Kyler Murray He played well in his two starts. I think this will continue. The Cardinals will slow Matt Stafford and the offense to victory.

Select: Cardinals 27, Rams 23

Sunday, 4:05 p.m. (Fox, Fubo)

This is suddenly a big game for both teams. The Broncos have won four straight and the Browns are 7-3 now entering the playoffs. This will be the first road start for the Browns rookie quarterback. Dorian Thompson-Robinson, which will not be easy. But Cleveland’s defense is dominant. They shut down Denver’s offense in a low-scoring game to win.

Select: Browns 20, Broncos 12

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET (CBS, Paramount+)

The Chiefs are coming off a tough loss on Monday night and now have to travel on a short week. The Raiders have looked much better over the past three games, but this will be a tough test against the injured. Super Bowl Champ. The bosses will be back this way.

Select: Chiefs 27, Raiders 17

Sunday, 4:25 pm ET (CBS, Paramount+)

The Eagles will be playing on a short week after Monday night’s win over the Chiefs. The Bills are coming off an impressive win over the Jets. Josh Allen He looked good in that game, and he will in this game. He puts it close, but the Eagles find a way late.

Select: Eagles 31, Bills 30

Sunday, 8:20 pm ET (NBC, Fubo)

The Chargers are facing big problems right now and they will be facing one of the best teams in this league. The offense of the Crows is sorely missed Mark Andrews, but the Chargers defense is a match for any team that throws the football. The Ravens win the big game Lamar Jackson.

Select: Ravens 30, Chargers 23

Monday, 8:15 p.m. ET (ABC/ESPN, Fubo)

These two are coming off tough losses, with the Bears blowing a big lead late. It was even more embarrassing for the Vikings, a team that was on the move. This is where the difference lies as Minnesota’s defense gets the best of them. Justin Fields. The Vikings take it.

Select: Vikings 24, Bears 14

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